by capelesst


It’s late and this is my first, so be gentle. This blog is meant to be the place where I mull, play, and hopefully start some conversations, working towards my ultimate goal of making a living by writing. Scintillating stuff. What I want to create in my fiction is that moment of recognition where you perceive the expression of an idea previously non-existent outside your head. For instance, the Fortress of Solitude. The first time you heard the phrase, you knew exactly what it was to you, right? And maybe, if you’re very lucky, you’ve read a Superman story somewhere along the years where an artist captured just perfectly your conception of the Fortress. You got to enjoy the unique pleasure of seeing something realised exactly as you’d imagined it, without having consciously imagined it. (For me it was Frank Quitely’s rendition in All-Star Superman.) There’s a hundred reasons why that particular concept is a great one, the most important and obvious being that the desire or need for a place of your own is hardwired into our collective unconscious, present in the way that throughout our lives we seek out places which we can feel are somehow ours. I guess the other reason I reached for this image for my first post is that I’m hoping this blog can be both my Fortress of Solitude and a Congress. There’s huge value in solitude while fingers dance with keys, but once the first dance is finished, you need a crowd. See you next time, and let me know what your recognition moment was.