What HE said!

by capelesst

This is my biggest issue with blogging, the knowledge that out there somewhere is a person who has already expressed perfectly what you’re trying to, and who has been heard by everyone you’re communicating with.

Today my example is Slavoj Zizek, who asks in this article:

“Do personal habits … have any actual impact on economic and political structures, or are they merely symbolic expressions of our own virtue?”

I’ve cut out the examples he’s used, and invite you to insert my last post’s reference to running the JP Morgan Challenge versus washing neighbourhood windows, or whichever superlative exemplars you came up with that I couldn’t!

Zizek is addressing larger questions to do with capitalism, but I was trying to get at the above question in my last post, as I think the answer then has to be juxtaposed with the amount of pleasure (direct or indirect) those “personal habits” give us, to then compare with ideas like the “greater good” and “what’s right”.

There’s an equation in here somewhere which plugs the individual’s socio-politico-economic impact (potential and actual), their well-being and it’s halo effect, the viable contagiousness of counter-cultural impulses, and what feels right into some kind of March-to-Utopia Matrix.

Alack, alas, I lack the Math.