Grumpy Old Man Syndrome and Cynicism

by capelesst

Weary cynics are the Grumpy Old Men of our time, as old people increasingly self-select into the neglected, the prolonged, and the “good lord, what do I do with all this time?”.

Just as we tired of grandparents endlessly referring to the past, now it’s equally tiring to listen to culture vultures picking over the carcasses of recent works, squawking “seen it before!” and “unoriginal!”.

But sometimes, if you let them squawk awhile, they soften. They get to reminiscing about the stories they loved, and you get to learn a little history. And if you’re genuinely interested, they can tell, and before you know it you’ve found the common ground of a passion shared. Brandished convictions are relinquished, everybody stops poking each other with their opinions, and it becomes a conversation.

Cynicism is the reaction of the scorned lover who hasn’t stopped loving. That’s why real, full-on cynics are so distressing to be around. They’re tortured by what they can’t fully let go, and scared to trust love to redeem them.

Lot of warm fluffies in this pot, so here’s a palate cleanser.