The Time and The Thing

by capelesst


If I had the time, I’d do the thing.

When I have time, there are things to be done.

So I work double hard at the things to earn up the time.

But when the time comes, I’m pooped from earning it up.

Time becomes the precious resource, instead of the thing. But the thing is always the precious (no ring jokes or LoTR references, you Tolkien lovers), the thing is always the point, the main concern, the priority.

Instead time becomes the priority, and questions of what time, for how long, how far in advance, whether it’s reschedulable or not. . . they take up the thing’s space. So now the thing (which should be the priority) has no time and no space!!

A woman is sitting in the window of a franchise coffee shop. Her coffee is in front of her in a “to go” cup, but she isn’t moving. The beverage gives off no steam.

She listens to the conversations around her. She watches the people who pass by the window, smiles a small but polite smile to those inquiring after neighbouring spots, makes room when necessary. She smells her coffee. She does nothing.

Her phone does not ring, she is notified of nothing, no earbuds grace her lobes. Her clothes are non-descript. She is without handbag.

Have you seen her?

I haven’t, nor her male counterpart, nor any gender degrees inbetween.

Maybe her unseeable breed are too busy doing the thing to be seen in coffee houses.


p.s. – “Man (or Woman) of Mystery” used to be a reference to spies and other (simpler) heroes, out there doing impressive things behind (colourful) diguises. Now, I say they’re the ones doing the thing, and not talking about it. They’re glimpsed but rarely in the meatworld, because they venture out only when it serves the thing to do so.

Heroes are all around us.