Grand Visions, Little Actions

by capelesst

Grand visions are what animate us, I think.

But grandeur isn’t enough, there has to be something that (buzzword, sorry!) resonates. . . That’s why I didn’t like Dark Knight Rises, it was a grand vision, but didn’t coincide with my vision. Too clean. Too sterile. Too well-turned out. Too long. Too bloated. Too little risk.

Too little Batman.

Nolan basically made a Batman trilogy that was more concerned with greatness, routes to it, and the relationship of the individual to both the state and the city. It was a Batman trilogy only in as much as it was a Gotham trilogy. Someone should have gotten Nolan to make the HBO series of Gotham Central instead, because only The Dark Knight (hey, wasn’t that the most successful one? hmmm) was actually a Batman movie.

Enough Batman talk! Back to the visions.

I don’t know if we all have grand visions of our own. We are all dreamers, creators of one kind or another (even if following other people’s designs, I fully believe that “When we make things, we initiate a collaboration with the preexisting conditions of the universe”, which is creative. thanks to @brainpicker for the quote!). But that’s not the same as having visions, grand or not.

When I say “visions”, I’m going by this definition:

“Especially, that which is seen otherwise than by the ordinary sight, or the rational eye”

Visions of the future, of yourself at a certain age, but specifically I’m thinking of things you wish to exist. I believe we’re all moved in some way by such visions.

Moved to what?

Because the problem with a vision that truly moves you is that it is usually either further away than you think, or seems distant in the exact proportion to how desirable it is to you.

The temptation is to cover a long distance in massive bounds. To stay up all hours, crash through barriers head-first on no sleep while consuming nothing but coffee and the occasional random spoonful of something usually an additive rather than a course. That’s the romantic talking.

The surest way to realize a vision is to break it into small steps and take them consistently.

Really, this is all just an excuse to say I’ve been slow to post because I was un-following 400 people on Twitter, minimalising my inbox, and discarding some visions that aren’t important. Romantic? No. But these little actions are toward my grandest vision.

More on that next time.


p.s.- And I don’t include links for fun, all the links above are IMO genuinely awesome. Open them up and forgo my words if you’re pressed for time, they’re worth it.