Intermission for Zilla

by capelesst

I was really enjoying this post on Quora: as it answered (to a degree) some of the questions I’ve long had about dramatic entrances and exits. And of course, Batman is one of the great stealth operatives when he wants to be, and then I got thinking about the Bat mythos and Dark Knight Rises. Particularly that smartphone footage posted on YouTube last year where somebody filmed the filming (its sad that a phrase like that has become commonplace, there should be a study on exactly what portion of media generated is dedicated to recording the production of other media. Then another one showing the Venn diagram with media generated, media generated by recording said media’s construction, and media which is utter shit.)… anyway, the smartphone footage of the Bane/Bats fight on the steps of Gotham City Hall or wherever the hell it took place.

I stopped watching it after about 10 seconds because I wanted to like the movie when it came out (little did I know), and all the footage did was ruin the spectacle to be created by showing that it’s component parts were a couple of average height dudes in dumb outfits pretending, slowly and clumsily, to hit each other.

I’m not against the inclusion of “reality” or “verité” in fiction, and I am very much of my generation in being a sucker for the constructed which seems artfully un-constructed. On a slight tangent, there is a great article in Aeon Magazine on “The New Aesthetic” which talks about what exactly it is (the word exactly is misleading) and more generally the themes it wishes to address about what is constructed, by whom (or what), and what that tells us about power structures post the “male gaze” and other relevant theories.

And then I got the above image in my head. Its more than the old “the King puts on his trousers one leg at a time too, y’know” bullshit. Anything constructed can (should?) be impressive, create a certain amount of wonder. But that just makes it all the more important to recognise and enjoy wonder when it arises naturally. Anything from a gnarly old tree to a particularly elegant running style.

Anything can be made extra-ordinary. So lets appreciate that which just IS.


More on Zilla and his taste for humans next time.