Need To Know… comes to No Cape No Mask!

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

1 of my (particularly optimistic) New Year’s resolutions was to post more, specifically twice a week, and as yet that hasn’t happened. Anybody else get sucked into a vortex of plans revealed as folly and resolve revealed as aspiration? No, thought not.

Anyway, I realised every week I’m link-blogging for Orbital Comics, where I work, and it’s stuff people might appreciate on here. Plus, if  have one post that’s a kind of curated bunch of links, and another that’s me, me, me, then that gets me to two posts a week, and more importantly provides a range of stuff people might like… Which is the aim. So without further ado here is Need To Know #3, and further installments will rise ever Monday evening from here until I die, penniless and clutching a copy of Moon Knight that is far from near mint:

Week #3 of Need To Know, its not even Con season yet, and already it’s hard to draw the line between what you need to know and what you just might get a kick out of… so as always let us know @orbitalcomics, @capelessT, on Facebook, or by email at Now, to the linkmobile!

If you’re awaiting a shipping date for the Snyder/Lee Man of Steel comic, bemoaning the cancellation of Superman Family Adventures, and generally wondering when there’ll be a great Superman book again, the just-announced (digital) Adventures of Superman may be your saviour. And Baltazar & Franco are keeping busy with DC’s newly announced (and somewhat controversial) Occupy books, and more importantly with a Kickstarter based on their creations. They’re not the only good-looking all ages projects on there either, as Bryan Q. Miller wants to take you Earthward, and the Gumshoes 4 Hire want to solve your mysteries!

DC also announced a new writer on Suicide Squad, in another case of the Big 2 hiring indy talent. You have to wonder whether Michel Fiffe didn’t show them the way a year ago with Deathzone, and whether COPRA can be beaten as the definitive Suicide Squad book. Did we mention we’re stocking COPRA, and its flying off the shelves? And that its the only way to get it without paying international postage? Which has just gone up in price…

If you’re interested in how the pros make their inky magic, check out these essential comic book resources (Rude critiqued by Toth, Wood’s 22 Panels, and more), time-lapse video of Paolo Rivera concocting a cool cover, and Jim Zub schooling you on writing action scenes (apparently, it’s not as simple as “Biff! Bam! Pow!”). Then get practicing, and next year you may feature in a round-up of the best from Hourly Comics Day.

Is a Three Star system complex enough to rank the Marvel Heroes by importance? Stan Lee thought so, but I’m sure it warrants a spreadsheet. If you’re vaguely aware of the Marvelman character and his hotly-debated status, but curious for a fuller picture, we got you covered. And allow us to introduce Epigram Books and Sonny Liew, in a thoughtful and provocative interview. The great Eddie Campbell joins in the debate about EC Comics, arguing that while comics should be taken just as seriously as literature, there are differences to be respected, and appreciated. Its a good read, with lovely scans accompanying.

And now, free comics. Words Without Borders is well worth checking out, here’s a taster of what to expect. Thrillbent walks you through the Zombies’n Brains connection in typically funny, innovative fashion. Study Group Comics continue to shock (in a good way!). This is definitely one for lovers of space, a gorgeous silent comic based around the Voyager satellite. I’m betting you’ve never read an Uno Moralez comic before, well get your right arrow cursor key ready and broaden your mind! And its just a preview, but Monkeybrain Comics’ Phabula looks pretty, well, phabulous.

Finally, while we’re all for comics in education, its worth remembering comics aren’t always the best venue for Public Service Announcements.

See you next week for NTK #4!