Need To Know… 18.2.13

by capelesst

Monday night and BOOM!

So, who’s excited about London Super Comic-Con this week-end? Come say hi to me and the Orbital Comics gang, we’ll be there with all the goodness we can fit on two tables! (which we spent today boxing, labelling, and chin-scratching over, so please excuse the slight hysteria of the previous sentences)

There are a shit-ton of guests, but I’m guessing most people are pumped to meet Neal Adams? I’m more interested after reading that interview. Well, while you’re queuing for him to sign or sketch, maybe you could make the most of this reading list for writing comics from Denny O’Neil? Or Mark Waid’s hot tip for a comics history read? Perhaps let Amy Reeder school you on perspective in storytelling? If, instead, LSCC inspires you to check out what great comics UK-based creators are making, you might scroll through Luke Pearson’s gorgeous & unpronounceable Ahuizotl, or let Roger Langridge tell you the Charles Xavier story you always wanted to be told? I never really got the fuss about Luke Pearson from casually flipping through some pages of his, but Ahuizotl won me over.

Beyond London gatherings The Gutters has the two biggest stories covered for you. You have to wonder who will take up the mantle (ring?) of writing Green Lantern, I’m crossing my fingers for Tom Scioli to write and draw. Tom Scioli. You know, who does the best Evil Superman comic ever, and draws the first instalment of a new series over at Trip City. Speaking of evil and Superman, we mentioned that exciting new digital title DC’s launching last week, but many are up in arms about DC’s lead creative choice... While on a lighter note, Ty Templeton finds the humour in mainstream entertainment’s ham-fisted approach to diversity.

Last week brought us Mylo Xyloto, Polarity is upcoming, and Orchid just ended, but there’s one musician-created comic we’re especially pumped for, right? How are you feeling about the upcoming New 52 Constantine title? Would a preview help you decide? And with Miniature Jesus arising in April, Comics Alliance wants to get you better acquainted with Ted McKeever’s work. Let them. Even better is this paper on the Visual Linguistics of David Mazzuchelli, but as always feel free to ignore the words and just drink in his (hard to find) art! And anybody who has access to copies of his Rubber Blankets… get at me!

Subscription services are the new thing in small press comics, and I’d recommend you try this one from Box Brown’s Retrofit Comics. Or, failing that, peruse the offerings from newly launched and alternative-minded Black Mask Studios? It can be hard to choose from the wealth of small press and indy creators out there who you’re going to check out, and harder to discover whose work you really dig. In this instance, let The Comics Journal advise you, as Windowpane is a seriously rewarding read (or whatever the comic-specific verb is). Or you can just take my word for it, and bank on either Farel Dalrymple’s It Will All Hurt (he’s part of Team Prophet after all), or anything by Boulet!

That was a lot of words. Sorry about that. Here, relax your reading muscles and feast your eyes on a James Jean Retrospective (words included, but optional). Gaze adoringly at Adrian Alphona’s preparation for a return to comics (with Uncanny X-Force #3).

Ready for a big finish? Gary Groth is interviewed by Jim Rugg et al on the Tell Me Something I Didn’t Know podcast, newly relaunched. It’s a good listen. My Back Pages is a lovely piece on the comics you remember fondly, with great Dan Slott penned Daffy Duck cartoons. And finally, Kate Beaton wants to know: Are You Nasty?

See you next Monday!