Need To Know… 25.2.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

This NTK is late. It’s backdated because I’m lying to myself. Indulge me, for though the conduit be lame, the content be gnarly!

Many exciting things happened last week that had nothing to do with London Super Comic Con, Orson Scott Card controversies, auction records being broken, or any of that other shit. Forget that other shit. Check out this shit.

Shit like DC revealing the new Green Lantern creative teams. Like creator David Boswell going all Kyle Baker and putting his “Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman” comics online for whatever you want to pay. Like Thought Bubble jumping the gun on Con season with a super early announcement of a stellar line-up for this year (how are we supposed to wait until November?). Or maybe like DC announcing Jae Lee and Greg Pak on a new Batman/Superman book (nice to see the names in the right order for this volume!).

The Print vs Digital debate received my two favourite volleys to date, from The Comics Reporter’s Five for Friday and the man behind one of the world’s greatest comic shops, Challengers Comics & Conversation. And there was a twitter exchange between various creators (including Waid, Conway, and Larsen) regarding creator credits, well worth reading as food for thought as much as a dose of reality. While your thinking caps are on, just how heavy is Thor’s hammer? (warning: experts disagree!) While you’re in high gear, Warren Ellis encourages you to go boil some spacetime, and this link will direct you to the comics creation Source Wall! (please consider donating for its upkeep, being built entirely of comic book scripts, it requires considerable maintenance.)

Pierre Ferrero leads off our beauty parade this week, and wouldn’t you love to see him on Prophet? By the way, if you can’t wait (two whole days!) for Prophet #34, we gotcha. Anyone seen something this colourful and expressive in a UK broadsheet recently? Anyone seen anything like this (by Tommi Musturi) anywhere? And can someone please tell me how to get my hands on more Mike Huddleston art other than by going to France!?

You’re looking forward to Oni Press’s “Sons of the Gun” mini, right? So you don’t need Team Gun to talk you into it, then? Just asking. I’m sure you feel the same about Ba & Moon on BPRD: Vampire #1 in March, hell, you probably don’t want to read an in-depth interview and preview at all. What could Gabriel Rodriguez add to your love for Locke & Key? And it won’t save Glory, but any interview with Joe Keatinge usually provides insight and enthusiasm in equal amounts.

Your Kickstarter for the week, courtesy of Steven Sanders. Help him help you to build worlds!

A double-dose of classic Kirby, with his amazing work on the real-life Argo project, and the definitive answer to the question: “Who is Arnim Zola?”.

Fantagraphics bring you the only Harlem Shake that matters! (and a new Love And Rockets preview)

All that remains is one question: Who’s Worse? See you next week for more…