Need To Know… 04.03.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

There’s no easy way to say this. Damian Wayne is “dead”. Which is to say he’s missing in continuity action. Doubtless you have your own reaction, but these are the pick of the bunch, from Sean T Collins (considering what Damian represented in the New 52), and Tom Bondurant (reflecting on the Robin role and its evolving significance).

Could be worse, though. Galactus could be back. Wait. . . Galactus Lives! in an insightful and glorious series of posts based around new scans from the Jack Kirby Museum. Then, for those of you who never saw James Stokoe’s Galactus print (available to purchase here), here ya go. Speaking of comics titans, its Will Eisner week, and you’re spoilt for choice because all his stuff is terrific.

It’s not a comic, but this maze, 7 years in the making, is almost too impressive. And while Mjolnir hogged the science spotlight last week, Spidey’s taking it back with Spider-Man Physics, and later this year with the possibly NSFW (definitely funny) cartoon Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man. Actually, it was a great week for cartoon fans all around, as IDW announces a line of Cartoon Network books, and Jim Mahfood and Jhonen Vasquez are getting cartooned! All this, and Archie Comics’ CEO looks to create comics with a social impact. So its not just for the lulz.

The more scholarly fans among you might like this new book of essays on DD from Sequart, with excerpts at iFanboy and Multiversity. And for those of you who’ve heard the name Tokyopop but aren’t clear on what it was, here’s an interview with Stu Levy, the Tokyopop CEO, which charts the manga boom, its challenges, and lessons learned. Some good recent history in there. Or maybe what you really want is the ultimate guide to reading Love and Rockets?

For the makers among you, there are just under three weeks until Minicomics Day 2013! Or if you’re gagging for your shot at the big time, you could show Dark Horse how Abe Sapien should be drawn.

With Michael Deforge’s Ant Comic recently completed and all in one place, or Emily Carroll’s terrible, beautiful, The 3 Snake Leaves, digital is beautiful (and free) this week. The Beat has a preview from our friends at SelfMadeHero of their new release Hair Shirt, and Top Shelf announced and previewed a new Jess Fink book. If you don’t know Jess Fink’s work, its funny and naughty in all the right ways, so treat yourself. And while we’ve mentioned Monkeybrain comics before, they’re venturing into print this summer, and in an innovative fashion… oh, they also want to give you a free digital comic. That’s nice.

Over at CBR, Simon Roy spills on his experiences inside Team Prophet, and his Dark Horse Presents story Tiger Lung, while iFanboy has Fiona Staples on fine form. Careful though, there are Saga #10 spoilers.

I had a whole section of round ups from ECCC here in the original post, but actually the only thing I cared about that got announced there was that Oni Press has a cool looking new sci-fi book from Soule and Albuquerque! Cons are great, but the news that comes out of them is just the normal news cycle with added trumpets.

Its Guest Week at Marvel & DC. And Goldtiger is the baddest, sexiest, most mysterious 60’s strip you never heard of. Fund it.

How’re you liking the mix? And why is it that my Reader has another hundred stories in it already!???