Need To Know… 11.3.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Comics folk had a pretty tough week last week. First of all, legend Jerry Ordway posted on his blog about his experiences being exclusive and underused at DC. Then The Beat ran this thoughtful follow-up, including Jerry’s reactions to the outpouring of sympathy and support. And over at Robot 6, the Grumpy Old Fan himself made the (strong) case for Ordway getting a book pronto! All of which was compounded by the news that Fantagraphics’ co-publisher Kim Thompson has cancer, and the Allreds were burgled.

Meanwhile as Steve Rude launched a Kickstarter campaign and the Stripped feature documentary on “the world’s best cartoonists” launched their final push, the Sullivan’s Sluggers debacle ignited again as James Stokoe sought to distance himself from a new (and now cancelled) campaign. All of which resulted in two good things, this tee shirt, and this The Gutters. Plus, that whole Orson Scott Card thing got laid to rest, for now.

On the topic of good things, check out this interview with Paul Levitz about the re-issued History of DC Comics, or this cute/cool Avengers print, this upcoming Fearless Defenders cover, or this new entrant to the small press comics subscriptions market from Space Face! And combine eye-candy with homework, by preparing for May’s The Dream Merchant with some of Konstantin Novosadov’s art.

On the digital front, Comixology has opened for submissions, with none other than Becky Cloonan leading the way! Elsewhere in cyberspace, Marvel went Unlimited (well, kinda), then announced some actual cool stuff, while DC thought of the children. On the topic of kids and comics, iFanboy makes a good point, and Ted Naifeh bids farewell to his terrific kids book, Courtney Crumrin. If you’re looking for good comics online, try to catch Black Death, or just Activate Comix.

For a quicker fix, check out CBR’s Week of Cool Comic Book Moments, or catch up with Multiversity’s 31 Days of Abe Sapien (they’ll also help you assimilate in the Mignolaverse, if you abide by their Hellboy reading notes). Or learn Jae Lee’s Secret Origin, read up on Ultron (he’s more than a mad robot!), and if I’m killing you with links, make like Lazarus.

Here’s a gallery to help you spot your favourite creators. So you can BE NICE! Maybe you could even help them celebrate the 80th anniversary they didn’t know existed?

And remember American Eagle? Badass.

A late addition from the ever helpful, resourceful and comics-loving Robin Harman, Mark Waid talks you through the potential for Digital, and he should know!