Need To Know… 18.3.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

This (dun dun dun) is your last warning. Sunday is Mini-Comics Day. To fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail. But, if you’re not going to be making comics, you can at least be learning about them, right? That’s what George Lucas thinks, anyway. Maybe you prefer to partake of some Women’s History Month comics coverage, though, in which case here’s a worthwhile, informative interview with two leading female voices of the underground comix movement.

Meanwhile, Publishers Weekly has some thoughts on 2012 in comics crowdfunding, which given the Veronica Mars funding extravaganza brought to mind this thread, and then this article. Is licensed crowdfunding part of comics’ future? I really hope so! Creators are always riffing on the stuff they’d never be allowed to do with franchised characters, and often their ideas are exactly what we want to see!

Are you enjoying your copy of Nemo: Heart of Ice? Yes? Great! But, are you really “getting” it? This may help. Likewise, Change #4 came out from Image this week, and ComicsAlliance has this Ales Kot-endorsed review that may help you appreciate the Cthulhu-ian mini. Incidentally, Morgan Jeske killed it on Change, but his own comics are great too, and print-bound in 2014! Study Group Comics have a host of other lovelies for you this week, too, with a new Conor Willumsen joint, and the first part of Haunter, which is a bona fide must-see. Trip City have great new strips up from Zees, and Eggers/van Sciver, about which I can only say “aaw” and “Hup!”. Ever heard of Activate Comix? Well, now they’re 7 years old and want to tell you about themselves, after which we recommend you go straight to Cristian Ortiz’s Golden Campaign (which we are proud to have print copies of in the West Wing!). Regarding comics online, here’s a good, short video from PBS on webcomics, and how they changed the game.

In other news from the future, new Seth! Brandon Graham flaunts his Walrus! Jordan Crane leaves us Non-plussed (technically that’s not from the future, but work with me!)! Bags of Bagge! Jim Rugg’s Supermag is coming! In the future, will brands sponsor superheroes? Will Walt Simonson’s Hulk look amazing (hint: yup!)? And a prediction: Cartooning and Journalism certainly have a bright future together ahead of them, as demonstrated by Derf Backderf in this video.

Now relax… and enjoy a fireside chat with the Buddy Cops guys. Better? In another relaxing treat, this week’s Orbiting Pod will feature Kelly Sue Deconnick, but rest assured she won’t be revisiting this plotline. And in a soothing tangent from the Lichtenstein debate, Bob Temuka explains the love of the perfect panel, while thanks to Tom Spurgeon, you’ll see that the Fantagraphics offices are exactly how you’d like them to be.

In terms of what’s good looking this week, Rafael Grampa draws an awesome Spidey. Actually, Grampa’s just awesome (on the topic of Spidey, is this a more truthful version of the Spidey myth?). 2000AD has an issue out this week that’s a perfect jumping-on point, apparently, and DC’s New 52 turns… 50? We’re all relieved to hear Scott Snyder is NOT writing a do-over of Year One. Well, not really.

This week, if you do one thing, one thing, then please for the love of all that is holy buy a book that doesn’t matter.

And who’s the man? Red Ketchup’s the man!