Need To Know… 25.3.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

I think its fair to say that DC won last week’s skirmish in the eternal war for coverage, for reasons good and not good… They announced a new, nostalgic digital Batman title, and Robot 6 interviewed Andrea Sorrentino and Pete Woods about life in the Big 2, on big books. Comics Alliance cornered Kyle Higgins on Dick and the Bat-shadow too, and reading those articles makes you realise, DC have some great creators on board, people with interesting ideas, who are looking to grow and evolve as storytellers. Shame they can’t keep them, then, though its nice they’ve clarified John Stewart’s safety (for now!). The upside of this upheaval is we get this fun fact, and an excuse to brush up on J’onn J’onzz’s history. So overall, a win! Unless you’re Vibe. Or is that premature? Across the street, Marvel’s announcement of the week was… Angela. Yay?

Paul Gravett brings a clear eye to the Lichtenstein debate, and if you want to get involved with the artistic response to the exhibition, let Rian Hughes know. While you’re on Paul’s site, check out his guide to May in comics, it’s eye-opening, and maybe if you swing by Comiket in April you can discuss it with him? Speaking of comics critics worth watching, Tom Spurgeon celebrated Mini Comics Day by posting an old entry of his. Show-off!

For those of you living under rocks, Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin blew up the internet with Private Eye (go. buy. read. smile.), and Warren Ellis made this sanguine observation of the event. He also posted a lovely collaboration with Molly Crabapple, and got his own Avengers rumour, to boot, so Monsieur Ellis had a pre-tty good run last week! Bleeding Cool ran this timely piece on French attempts to legislate for authors in a digital/print world. Oui, oui… and while we’re Francophone, the Finalists for Canada’s Doug Wright Awards were announced (lots of NTK favourites on there, and more to discover besides!). If you’re unfamiliar with Doug Wright or the Awards, Seth’s speech from their inaugural year is an intelligent, spirited introduction. Enough of French though, as our very own Si Spurrier is bringing you Six Gun Gorilla… and he’s no surrender-monkey (I apologise, it was just there, I’m so sorry).

Kickstarter’s popping fresh this week, with this anthology based around body/gender, and this volume of Humour and Despair, but I’m pre-ordering Devastator. Because I’m intimidated. Not as intimidated as I am by Shamification, though. Unless its for Steve Ditko’s benefit… because then its okay, right? Right.

All a bit heavy this week, so far, isn’t it? Sorry. Here, check out these Super-moves. Or this Tumblr has you covered. Or a funny look at one artist’s demons. Whatever you do, just don’t have a cow, Tetsuo, be like Mateus Santolouco, and say Cowabunga! Lengthier, but just as inspiring, Rick Remender gives a great interview. Eddie Campbell also has a theory (I’m not sure it’s really his though…), but the man with the plan this week is Five Ghosts’ Frank Barbiere. He brings you the new blood. Seriously, the guy bleeds ink and love.

Sometimes helping an artist out reaps serious rewards, sometimes you read a review and recall how much you loved the comic they’re reviewing (mermaids, humour, and solitude are in that mix), and sometimes you want a creator to hold your hand through the building of pages.

But sometimes, all you get is Toxoplasmosis. Or Aquaman in a bustier. Either way, you go on, richer for the experience.