Need To Know… 01.04.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

DC just fired their entire writing staff, and has just begun pre-cancelling books. Or is it April Fools?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way and admit that there was a con this week-end, WonderCon of Anaheim to be precise, which is apparently the accepted kick-off for the US con season. So here are CBR’s Friday and Saturday round-ups (Sunday wasn’t available as this post was finalised, sorry!). Last week’s dastardly duo of debate consisted of Valiant’s just announced Quantum and Woody series (Kevin Maguire helpfully articulated the potentially problematic history of the property, and this article on diversity and identity gives the broader context from the creator side); and THAT page from Uncanny Avengers #5, which generated a deluge of commentary, of which David Brothers’s is certainly near the best (though the ultimate best, of course, comes from Cyclops). Oh, and I mentioned it last week, but even Todd McFarlane himself couldn’t muster a care for Marvel’s Angela reveal. I think it was an effort to sabotage DC’s WTF April. Nothing can top the Angela announcement for sheer “huh?”. Whereas hearing Bruce Timm is leaving DCU Animated Original Movies was genuinely saddening… but for the love of comics, Cheer up!

With all of that out of the way… last week was a bumper week for advice, with iFanboy talking you through the decision “Physical Comic or Website?”, Oily Comics’ Chuck Forsman offering Advice to a Young Cartoonist, and Ryan Estrada spilling the truth about chasing your dreams. And if you’re further along with your projects, make sure you’re keeping an eye on Thrillbent, they’re making moves.

Similarly, there was a wealth of creator interviews, beginning with this one, that starts fanboyish and then gets Hickman opening up about the genesis of East of West. Jason Brubaker shares his earned wisdom from Kickstarter, Comixology, and the wider world of self-publishing, and you’ll enjoy browsing his graphic novel reMIND. Minimum Wage’s Bob Fingerman points out the glacial pace of so much comics publishing, and talks re-editing and reviewing. He has some great points. Shaky Kane gave a too-rare glimpse into his wilderness years and the keys to Shaky-ness. And I know I’ve mentioned him before, but Tom Kaczynski’s Trans Terra sounds compelling, as do all of Uncivilized Books’ books, but particularly Dash Shaw’s New Jobs.

How much do you know about Manga? Well, here’s a quick and dirty history to catch you up. Another valuable lesson learned this week, that the best things in Superman comics are outside continuity. And my theory that Archaia is where talented people yet to find the comics inside track go to build worlds gets more confirmation from Moro Roberts, while the Immonens offer a several-page glimpse of their next creator-owned project, Russian Olive to Red King. Lots to look forward to (though holding your breath on that last project isn’t advised).

Few things are as lovely as spending time Ina Garden… Except maybe being introduced to other talented independent creators by Ina’s creator, Roman Muradov. Or breathing The Tragic Air of Miss Chiff at Trip City. Oooorrr when illustrator Kevin Wada makes a fashion piece out of the new X-Men line-up. Or, when iFanboy has another Upstart to introduce, meet George Kambadais, everybody! And check out his Tumblr! But there is one thing that’s particularly lovely, and that’s a boxfresh preview of a favourite creator’s newest foray into creator-owned… that’s Uber-lovely.

Finally, in a comparatively rare interview, Chris Bachalo talks Steampunk, dread of costume design, and love for white space over at Robot 6. The Beat also ran a great feature, which could well have run for 48 or 72 hours, but hey, 24 hours of Women Cartoonists is a pretty good start, and Lucy Knisley doing this week’s daily Cartoonist’s Diary at TCJ is a nice follow-through. And the Longbox Project is your chance to be part of what you might call crowd-sourced curation, but whatever you call it, there’s definitely a whole lot of love for comics here.

Normally, I try not to be fanboyish. But Mashable misappropriated the Hadouken this week, and I can’t resist sharing that mis-step with you all. The question remains though, was this non-Hadouken the Makankosappo, or the Kamehameha? Well? Sound off!

Whatever those Japanese schoolgirls are doing in those photos, follow their lead, and stay away from Negative Emotions.