Need To Know… 8.4.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Last week was a sad week for comics. Carmine Infantino’s passing was marked by the New York Times, and I include it as tribute to the efforts made by him and his generation that resulted in institutions like the NYT considering comics creators’ lives worthy of notice. Anyone preferring to celebrate his life will want to see this. There’s little else to say, except Rest In Peace Bob Clarke, George Gladir, Carmine Infantino, and Roger Ebert. You’ll be missed.

Accentuating the positive, this week ComicsAlliance’s Best Art Ever lived up to its billing, and Superheroines got clothes. Also, a late addition from WonderCon saw Terry Moore and Jeff Smith share insight on self-publishing, and Jim Zub continued his deep dive into the fiscal reality of digital and print, which is more heartening than you might anticipate.

But let’s drag ourselves back to the Big Two for a minute. DC continued to slaughter sacred cows this week (Year One Zero, anyone?), announcing a college-age Carrie Kelley for the New 52. However, they also launched an IndieGoGo campaign for a very good cause, so we forgive them (at least until we read the issue!). Truth be told, I found this Josh Simmons Batman strip I’d forgotten, with a great Vorpalizer review, and DC announced more Tom Strong (at Vertigo, no less… sign of a revival?), and after that I didn’t care so much about Carrie Kelley shenanigans any more. Meanwhile, Marvel had a Spidey week, announcing Superior Foes of Spider-Man, “Superior No More”, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, Superior going to Shadowland (that one makes us really nervous), and Superior Carnage. Hopefully we’ll have recovered from reading all that by the time the new Casanova hits, with Michael Chabon back-ups (and to hear Fraction and Chabon talking, go here). Marvel did not, however, announce any charity initiatives. 1 – 0.

Speaking of giving, maybe you’ll want to lend your support to this Starstruck Kickstarter? Or any of this excellent selection, particularly Bingo Baby, or this project, which will SAVE EARTH THROUGH CARTOONS. You may, of course, be looking for another one of those cool comics subscription arrangements, know what I mean? Yeah, Dude. And if you want the obvious route to good indy comics, just walk into the West Wing at Orbital Comics and indulge in some Decadence, it’s good for you! Speaking of comics collectives, we reckon Partyka have something for everyone.

Of course, its still lean times for many of us, so maybe take a free bite with Sharkmouth, check out some sexy new Dylan Horrocks, visit the refreshed and much improved Thrillbent (my favourite by some way is Clown in The Mirror), or just Throw Your Keys Away. If you’re feeling really lean, maybe dispense with everything but colour? Actually, now we think of it, all you really need is a few good covers.

Looking to learn? How about this stellar list of The Greatest Stories Ever Told over at CBR, voted for by you! I got particularly excited by the What If…? and Brian K Vaughn entries. Maybe this will be the week you “get” Zippy. Or the beginning of an epic Reread. Dennis Hopeless has much to share regarding Avengers Arena and how much crap comics fans can fling, too. Or a slice of history, with the First Parody Account.

Here’s a question: Should these awards exist? Maybe the answer lies through this question: How many of those comics or creators had you heard of?

Baseball’s boring, but this comic book is beautiful!

MOCCA news will have to wait until next week, but here’s a smorgasbord of the tasty comics on offer. No Chinese retro superhero comics unfortunately, but wait, Sonny Liew and Gene Luen Yang gotcha back! And who knows what this will look like, but a Joe Casey tease is always worth a peek.

And forget the Mankankosappo. Its the Vader you need to watch out for.