Need To Know… 15.4.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

First off, I’m posting this as the Boston Marathon happenings unfold. What a horrible thing. Here’s hoping that the suffering of the victims is minimal, that those responsible are prosecuted, and that this event isn’t co-opted into any greater ideological narratives.

Now, comics.

We all love Saga, right? To the extent that maybe we forget how graphic some of the stuff in it is (I definitely do, who cares about beautifully drawn gang-bangs when if you turn the page you may get to see Lying Cat?). Fortunately, Apple don’t forget. Or wait, is that Comixology? Okay, just what the hell happened with Saga, Comixology and iTunes last week? Your best answers come from Mark Waid, and CSBG’s Greg Burgas. Whatever happened, it was an interesting counter-point to the Big 2’s biggest reveal of the week (unless you count this “Hunger” tease, which we don’t), that a Batgirl supporting cast member is transgender. By way of further related reading, Bob Temuka posted thoughtfully, and entirely unrelatedly, about Gender Issues in comics, and tangentially this Sean Kleefeld post is a great intro to Sinfest and a concise rumination on racist humour in comics. For what its worth, the Saga issue just proves clusterfucks aren’t the exclusive province of the Big 2, and the transgender announcement is a significant event, but in no way makes the comic better. Hell, that character may never feature again.

But WAIT! I promised MoCCA coverage, even if belated, so here’s a solid overview from Publisher’s Weekly, The Beat’s summaries of the Art as a Profession and SelfMadeHero panels (both well worth reading, for creators and fans alike, especially Boulet’s input to the Art as a Profession talk), a review of 10 MoCCA debuts (different to last week’s 10 previews!), and The Comics Reporter’s hub for all the other coverage you could want!

Back to the NOW! and Margaret Thatcher has died, though way more upsetting is the news that Winter Soldier has been cancelled with #19 (a shame, as its the best book you’re not reading). But as one door closes another cliche fairy dies, so as consolation I remind you that Ales Kot’s Suicide Squad is almost in our hands, and Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez may be doing a superhero book soon…? Speaking of future releases, here’s your homework before Sheltered drops from Image (courtesy of Ed Brisson) in July, while iFanboy works double-time to cover your pre-movie Mandarin studies, and offer recommends as the antidote for your spandex overdose!

To save you the effort, someone has used Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4 as it was intended to be used! Almost makes you wonder… “is it a comic?“. Another benevolent soul has started translating the visual language of comics via the fight scene, using King Kirby’s royal screeds, no less! And here’s some creator advice you should question. Oh, and Tom Spurgeon, Jim Rugg and then Corey Blake got into it about what comics should aim for, so… what do you think, 200,000 or 2 million? Also, Creativity: Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

In the world of crowd-funding, somebody’s finally launching a Lovecraftian Art Zine (we’ve waited so long)! This campaign wants to beautify your Meatspace, but as always, you gotta, gotta, gotta beware of the Video Nasties. They’ll mess you up (but they are free, at least). Noah van Sciver has a new site up with collaborator Joseph Remnant and their free comics, point being if you can’t find something to read this week, well, its you, not them.

I’m not sure whether this is a “WTF” or a “What If?”, but Remender and Albuquerque once had big plans. Elsewhere (Elseworlds?) Paula Andrade draws a whole lot of women. Which can’t leave her much time to practice her Tie Chi.

In signing off, I leave you in the capable & colourful hands, of The Realist.