Need To Know… 22.4.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

It’s Eisners Season (Oscars Season for comics)! The nominations have been made, and beg one immediate question: “Are the Eisners over Superheroes?”. It wouldn’t be a comics awards show without some fallout and judge-related controversy, but here’s a collective judge-eye view perspective on the shortlisting process, and the ever-lovin’ Comics Reporter’s commentary on this year’s batch. Curiously, these awards may not do much to boost sales for nominees  (sales are to do with money after all, and this is comics!)… but if you want to try two nominees’ #1’s for free, here are Adventure Time and Bandette!

Last week brought us the last B & B column over at CBR. Will you miss it? Survey says “no”, but the abrupt cancellation and stated/inferred reasons behind it (too many sensitive questions, basically) elicited some strong responses. Coupled with this pretty damning screed on the New 52’s Wonder Woman, DC could have used a strong rebound. Meet The Joker’s Daughter. Time to invoke The Maggott Defence perhaps? Or just cross your fingers for Marvelman.

Kickstarter-side, Greg Pak (he’s BUSY this year, but not as busy as Jack Kirby in the 1960’s) and Jonathan Coulton want to Kickstart Everything, so Code Monkey can Save the World. And Frank Cho has teamed up with Bill Willingham to offer you… dinner? On the back of jumping sharks, perhaps?

In case you missed it, Superman turned 75. Apparently there’s a movie soon? Anyway, the comics web rejoiced in style, with a celebration of his many looks (wisely omitting the Red/Blue period), the 75 Greatest Superman Stories of All-Time, Mark Waid’s Toughest Superman Quiz… Ever, and a few thoughts for his creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Plus, the Ultimate Superman story. I got to wondering what Superman’s Facebook timeline would look like, and although DC is lacking imagination of late, they’ve yet to go there, so meantime here’s Mad Men’s!

Worm Trolls are Mean. It’s important you know that. And here’s a lesson in humour from MAD magazine. Which leads us into the elegantly appointed miscellanea section of this week’s post, so grab a drink, smooth your hair, and meet Borb. Then, iFanboy would like to introduce Liz Suburbia, and her awesome webcomic. Speaking of free comics, have you met Off-Life magazine (often found hanging out in the West Wing)? Could they be part of this UK Graphic Novel Renaissance folks are talking about? Or is that more Stephen Collins’ thing (note: this preview and process post comes Karrie Fransman-approved)? Not that a Renaissance makes earning a living from comics any easier, but it’s nice to be associated with fancy words. Besides, Art for Art’s Sake ain’t so bad… BUT I digress, please say hello to Ed Brubaker, Sammy Harkham, Paul Pope, and Matt Kindt (he has wisdom to share!), they’re all dying to meet you! Oh, and Yeti Press wants to show you something (be sure to click on the images).

Maybe this article on Navigating Comics will be what helps your comics-averse friends to take the plunge? Can’t hurt to try. Especially if you compose the email to them on this keyboard. Or just sign them up to Brandon Graham’s blog, I dare them not to fall in love.

Well, until next week, enjoy the sun, your comics, and the anticipation of an ever-nearing Free Comic Book Day, but above all, respect the power of cartoons.