Need To Know… 29.4.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, as someone earning a living in comics retail, thank you. Let’s hope this growth in attention, readership, and success will translate into more effort to change those practices which are, shall we say, less than superheroic (does no-one in Big 2 legal ever ask themselves “What would Steve do?”?). And let’s celebrate the good this Saturday: Free Comic Book Day. If you’re in London, or even England, then come say hey at Orbital Comics. There’ll be Eggs Milk Butter cakes, cookies, and coffee waiting to sweeten your day! Also, we’ve just started stocking this free zine on our front counter, and you should totally treat yourself to one. It’s great.

Thanks given, its back to life, and Con season rumbles on, with Tom Spurgeon finally posting his MoCCA write-up, (which reads more like a guided tour of New York’s comics quarters, the only omission being this cool-sounding new store), and C2E2 and Stumptown both happening this week-end just gone. Of the former, other than IDW and Dark Horse’s dominance, Itty Bitty Hellboy is by far my favourite announcement. As for Stumptown, Mr Spurgeon has recommends for you. And if you consoled yourself for your inability to attend by watching Iron Man 3 instead, here’s some news from Warren Ellis: Extremis ain’t that far-fetched. Still not seen the movie? These rules may help you enjoy it more.

If all that has given you an urge to roam (reading Spurgeon’s NY article made me miss that town so bad!), Fatale knows how you feel, as she’s Seattle-bound in this preview. Or if you’re just missing the wet what with all this sunshine, you can read Snyder and Murphy on their upcoming The Wake. In terms of things to look forward to, prepare for incoming Lone Wolf & Cub from Dark Horse, beware the Great Beast’s beastly plans for summer, kneel before Image’s Rat Queens (which may just be what Fearless Defenders should have been), cheer up because Nobrow 8 is still out looking (& smelling!) lovely, rejoice because Alternative Comics are back, ride the white horse (I’m reaching now) as  Dynamite and Dark Horse are teaming up to offer you more, and hear ye, hear ye, for Thrillbent are simply saying “Aw Yeah!”. It’s good to be alive. Of course, you never know when or how you may go. I hope that isn’t how I go.

Eisner nominees are still available to read online for free, so you can play judge-along, and io9 is plugging Oyster War, while hopping over to Study Group… well, It Will All Hurt. It ain’t nominated, but Vorpalizer reckons you should read The Hand of Gold. I agree. You could also take a trip to Trip City and binge on Dean Haspiel and college pals’ Comix, or let BoingBoing show you Real Stuff. If that’s too much indy for a Monday, try the Greatest Bill Sienkewicz Stories Ever Told, provided you can find them. And as long as you’re searching, here are Jim Rugg’s recommendations from Image’s back catalog. Just don’t get jealous of anybody’s Jet Pack.

This graphic novel is beautiful, so let creator Miriam Katin seduce you into reading it, while hopefully this terrific video will get you all nostalgic about (and respectful for) Harvey Kurtzman’s art. If they’ve inspired you to get your work out there (DO IT!), maybe it’ll help if one creator walks you through their Comixology Submit experience.

And now, I leave you with some burning questions.

Why Cheap Art?

Is Age of Ultron the Perfect Event?

Is this the future of comics?

Are little girls better at designing superheroes than you?

The answer to one of those is “YES”.