Need To Know… 13.5.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Last week became a week of lists, as Paste Magazine posted their top 10 comics currently being published by Marvel, DC, and Image. Food for thought, but Multiversity responded with their own top 10’s for Marvel, DC, and Image, and a compare and contrast is pretty interesting (but too derivative for any other site to actually conduct and post!). It always pays to see what different sites recommend within the same parameters, so hopefully those links will affirm and inspire. I certainly felt both validated and outraged, which is quite the spicy mix!

Sticking with DC and Marvel for a minute, Marvel unveiled the new-look Angela to great fanfare/big yawns, while DC announced an all-star American Vampire anthology, an all-star Batman Incorporated anthology, and somebody shared a first look at Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman project… and Multiversity. Which makes this seem harsh, but I’m sure DC will resume normal service before long. Oh yeah, apparently there’ll totally be a SHIELD show soon. And did you know GI Joe played a key role in the evolution of the viral video? So much for the Big Dogs…

This week looks set to go Kaboom! (geddit?) with Regular Show #1 hitting stands, in the spirit of which here’s a Wired preview of the first Adventure Time Original Graphic Novel. And please take this opportunity to buy your tickets to the gun show. KC Green’s Gun Show, that is.

The ever-tighter bonding of digital with independent comics publishers continues, with Alternative Press inking a deal with Comixology. You may not know much of Alternative Press (I keep buying the last copies on the shelf at Orbital), but they’re well worth a look. Meanwhile, happy couple Comics and Music invite Digital over to spice things up on the iPad while Dean Haspiel makes sexy pictures. And is this a glimpse of the future?

TCAF has just ended, were you there? If not, let these cool publishers tell you why TCAF rocks; then meet Ryan Sands, the man behind Youth in Decline (you’ll want to read this); check out news of a new Farel Dalrymple hardcover; prepare for a Drawn & Quarterly bonanza; and check out the Doug Wright Awards winners! Speaking of awards, did you spot any of these promising newcomers? Of course, if you were at TCAF, you can just ignore all of that and feel smug.

Last week also brought this incredible comic/blog post about Depression, which shows how a deliberately crude visual style can sometimes be highly effective. Its an affecting read. On a similar note, autobiography is terrifying (even when it’s refreshingly non-judgmental).

Matt Kindt stole last week, and was caught red-handed, but made up for it by penning this inspiring essay on creators, joy, and how fans connect the two. As if on (tenuous) cue, Multiversity posted this thoughtful essay on professional fan fiction, and so we ask you: is Rat Queens the answer?

Quote of the week: “Anyone can design any costume for any gender as long as they approach it with with respect and understanding.” Those who disagree get a kick in the crotch. For a month.

You’re going to this, right? Okay, maybe not, but you must be coming to this, its at Orbital and everyone’s very excited about it! Or maybe you’ll be too busy freeing comics in chains, reading Paul Pope’s awesome reviews-as-comics, or just working to be a Stand Up Man. Whatever you’re doing, don’t fall into the trap of reading this rejected comic which is much better than many accepted ones aud if you do, then definitely avoid the creator’s webcomic, its terrific. And if you’ve fallen for those traps, then you may as well check out this enlightening Declan Shalvey interview. Rarely is an artist as savvy and charming as he is talented, but Declan pulls it off.

Kickstarter offers you (and us) a choice: Hinges or Rocket Girl. There is a third way: both. They look promising.

Whatever you do or don’t click through in this post, be careful. For fear has a new name. Extinction Buzzard.