Need To Know… 28.5.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

A day late. If I apologise, does that mean I can’t make any “fashionably late” jokes? Probably, right? Yeah. On to the post…

Bye Geoff. *sigh*. Hi Rob. Speaking of Rob, does he deserve to be taken more seriously? Just to clarify, everyone deserves to be taken seriously.

It is still con season (particularly in North America) despite the lack of a con report this week, and London even had its own London Comic Con just this weekend, featuring a surprisingly vibrant comics village filled with talented small pressers, valiantly holding their ground amidst the cosplayers and video games stalls. If you want something a little more transtlantic, the Society of Illustrators has posted a bunch of panel videos from this year’s MoCCA. Its one way to get that con goodness without having to actually, you know, interact with folks, though Self Made Heroes among you will want to step out for this session in June. And in that celebratory spirit here’s an interview with the astonishing Kate Brown (she’s drawing your next Young Avengers), and a great write-up for Blood Blokes #3, proving you needn’t fear the Great Beast!

Sometimes tech news is comics news, and sometimes tech news which is comics news makes these links easier to write because I can just lump stuff together and go “Its all on Tumblr you guys, which Yahoo bought so there’s the link WOO!”. So go riot with Jake Wyatt, worship at the Cave Shrine, taste the Milligan/McCarthy magic, and get fit like Brian Wood. Now lets hope Yahoo doesn’t fuck Tumblr up for comics. Of course, if they do, you can always fall back on this excellent 24 hours of webcomics from The Beat, a few of which may be familiar to NTK regulars… (and while I toot my horn, Orbital still have copies of this, and after reading this review I’m wondering: Why?)

Announced last week were more Cow Boy (I’m so happy about this, I could skip and click my heels like Astaire), new (and heart-breaking) Anders Nilsen, and a new Becky Cloonan comic (through her own store) that’s already generating buzz! Busy week, people, busy busy week. Couple that with a pair of exceptional new Boulet comics (on visiting NYC and attending MoCCA) and a Michael DeForge-recommended Kickstarter, and I was grateful for the long weekend. Until Birdsong Shattered the Still.

Kitty Pryde offended science, seeming to violate the Pauli Exclusion Principle (poor Pauli), while Kieron Gillen decompressed colourfully with Breitweiser and Wilson (reading material provided), and speaking of colour, comics are diverse, right? I try not to make this post preachy, but when you click through that link, just ask yourself what it says that you’d heard of none of those books. Or comment below and tell me what an ignorant prick I am. That would actually be a relief. Also, following last week’s post, here’s a great article about Bill Finger: Sad story, beautiful art. Cheer yourself up with this positive post on how comics don’t need movies to save them, then plunge downward again with these lessons you might not have realised movies were teaching you, before resurfacing with 3 awesome looking comics to hunt down!

However, if all of this seems a bit much, forget the rest, and check out this Blutch interview that all the cool kids are talking about.

Then grab yourself a bronze deer.