Need To Know… 8.7.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Have you ever wondered what a painting made by a squealing electric guitar would make? Edwin from Savage Pencil wants to show you the answer, with a live event and a subsequent open studio exhibition. And its free admission. Maybe you could take what you save on admission and buy some original Marceline art, or some Rich Tommaso originals, or this hilariously rude Brazilian Alan Moore tee, or start trawling newsagents and eBay for this Gary Erskine newspaper cover celebrating Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win. You could even book in advance for this Edinburgh festival show featuring Emma Vieceli and fusing live literature readings with live-drawing! If you really want to be culturally relevant, though, maybe you should be re-watching Miami Vice, Airwolf, Punky Brewster, Saved by the Bell, and Knight Rider. They’re going to be digital comics soon. Hmm, didn’t Alan Moore have a good line about Nostalgia once…?


Speaking of digital comics, Comixology has now introduced subscriptions and bundles, and Monkeybrain celebrated their first birthday with interviews and previews, yet Image stole the week with three words: DRM Free Comics. But what about Piracy?! “Piracy is bad for bad entertainment”. That little game-changer was just part of the slew of announcements from Image Expo, detailed here, but relevant highlights include the fact that there’s a 90’s-esque Marvel exodus happening, previews for a velvety smooth Brubaker/Epting project coming soon, Remender’s showing off his Black Science and demonstrating Deadly Class, and you’ll definitely want to hear about John Boogerhead, though Nick Dragotta’s perspective on East of West, Image, and making comics may be more rewarding. Its amazing how many non-manga creators in this post-manga-boom era are drawing from that particular well, Dragotta being just the most recent one to cite the influence publicly.


But there are other publishers, y’know! DC announced their SDCC plans, and the new Tom Strong miniseries, along with  more details on the somewhat underwhelming Vertigo announcements of recent weeks. Dark Horse and Kitchen Sink are playing two become one, and here’s some context on one of their forthcoming releases, plus a preview of what looks to be their next fun comic, Blood Brothers. Wait, did we say “fun”? Yeah, we did, because comics are fun, right? And kids love fun, so we should have more kids comics, right? Let Jamie Smart talk you through it, because sadly it ain’t that simple. And Julia Gfrorer may not be a name you recognise, but we’re guessing this headline will grab you: “I don’t get why people write stories without sex in them.”. Do you?


Now cheer up with the funniest comics, EVER. This review made us hope someone gives Age of Ultron the video game review treatment (its the only way we’ll laugh at that mini), while this archived letters page made us wonder when editors stopped being fun? Also, proof that religion, comics, and ancient history can be a fun combination.


For those yet to “get” Dan Clowes, this may be the resource you need, and since we’re tumbling, why not check out Treasure Island, the cool King Shark lookalike (that was an easy link, but scroll through the page and there’s some very cool art there), Simon Moreton’s Grand Gestures and the quality folks who are talking about them, and this comic that is far, far too good to be free. But is.


These reading recommendations for comics journalism/thinking are tough to beat, while this story reminds you to always take the reminiscences of comics’ lauded elder statesmen with a pinch of salt. If you’re drowning in words, let Kim Jacinto’s art buoy you, or try picking a favourite image from this haul, we dare you.


This week’s Kickstart call to arms is for another music/comics project, so step into The Fur Trap. If you’re not sure, you can always step into the West Wing and check out Static Revolter to get a feel for the material, its from the same source.


Until next week, please don’t give up.


p.s. – sorry about the skip week!