Need To Know… 22.7.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

It’s been a long time, I shouldna left you, without some dope links to click to (while we’re rapping, here’s 99 Problems like you’ve never imagined it). But to make up for the unexpected absence (and thank you for the flowers and concerned fruit baskets) this is an extra-sized balls crazy $8 edition of Need To Know… Seriously, if you’re done with this by the end of today you’re either a speed-reader or in Lying Cat’s bad books.

Catch-up first, here’s a bunch of links from the week before last which I just couldn’t let go, and like all leftovers, warm ’em up or munch while cold, they still taste gooooood.

We open with some slick visuals to pretty up your walls and sharpen up your mind, before going all Cadbury’s Egg on you and asking “How do you read yours?“. That last one is a great key into why some pages pull you onward, and some drag you down.

Marvel didn’t even wait for San Diego to make announcements, spilling on the new Marvel Knights books a fortnight ahead. If you’re wondering, they’re Hulk, Spidey, and X-Men. As if Fantomex MAX wasn’t crazy enough. At least they’re still planning on actually making a funny book, though.

Over in DC land, the big question was: “invisible plane, or invisible muscle car?“, and whatever side you come down on, there’s no question that DC Nation’s animation is some of the best stuff at the Distinguished Competition, they’re golden. Tangentially, Greg Capullo’s art prompted this great piece exploring the “uncanny valley” as it pertains to comics, and may explain why you aren’t crazy about Greg Land’s art.

Last of the leftovers is this Pretty Deadly preview. Sweet.

And now for the freshness. Chances are you missed Watson and Holmes because it was unexpectedly popular, but don’t fear if you did, because this is all the Sherlock you need.

We didn’t all love Day Men, but since it enabled (along with this Dennis Culver tumblr post) this article about writer-artist collaboration and perceived primacy, we’ll hold off judging for now.

And without further ado, San Diego happened. This is probably the best master list you’ll find for a comprehensive rundown of what went down in San Diego town. But we have our favourites, so let’s start by congratulating the Eisner winners, and looking over the Harvey nominees. Christmas came a little early for Hellboy aficionados, Vertigo continued to announce new books, the most interesting panel belonged (surprise surprise) to Image, Marvel announced more Wolverine Origin, Young Avengers jam (not that kind, although…), and Marvel UK (?). Most importantly, IDW announcedSweet dreams of Slumberland, and more Parker. Proper Parker. Fantagraphics have some sweet Eleanor Davis and Simon Hanselmann books upcoming, both names you might want to get to know, plus repackaged Jim Woodring, along with Tony Milionaire and Joe Sacco projects! 2000AD representing with Thrillpower. But could SDCC ever live up to these hopes?

“I guess he wasn’t expecting a mutant arctic fox.” was likely the best line from last week’s comics.

Gail Simone’s on Red Sonja, so take a peek, but don’t look too long. She’s bringing friends. But from the looks of things there’s one heavy-hitting female creator missing from the Red ranks, Plume’s K. Lynn Smith. Actually, there may be a hell of a lot of names missing, even though they’ve been in comics for quite some time. While we’re waxing historical, here’s a little comics culture lineage for you, regarding the Japanese street theatre superfolks who pre-dated Superman.

Animated Prison Pit may be the only thing grosser than that Scientifically accurate Spider-Man thing we posted earlier in the year, so exercise viewer discretion. Or for a safer bet, anything billed as “Tron meets Dali” has to be a class act, doesn’t it? And its just one of a bunch of great titles from Floating World. For those who’d rather be guided than explore, here are some good reviews for several UK small press comics that are likely malingering in the West Wing. Maybe some will be worthy of your time time capsule?

Finally. Print this list. Laminate it. Put it in your wallet, purse, clutch, or better yet on a lanyard around your neck. Abide by it.