Need To Know… 5.8.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

This week’s post will be a little shorter than usual (don’t sigh with relief, I can hear you), but I had to make room to answer a question which has long dogged me: can a fondness for butts be reconciled with feminism? The answer, I feel sure, lies in the pages of The Big Feminist But, an anthology which just keeps generating good word of mouth, and is pretty generously previewed in that link. Phew. And in a rare follow up to a previous Need To Know…, last week I said you never forget your first, and this week I found a list to help you remember a few landmark firsts. Speaking of landmarks, take a MOME-ment. MOME has been like a directory of interesting indy creators since its inception, and Rob Clough’s coverage is a perfect intro.

In news, it was a good week for Grant Morrison fans, as we got a cover for his Annihilator (from Legendary), and JMS fans got a preview of Sidekick, the latest Joe’s Comics joint. More importantly, Legend of Luther Strode is almost done, have you jumped on board yet? Grant Morrison is completely done with Batman, are you jumping off yet? Along those lines, if you don’t know who Sloane Leong is yet, please make her acquaintance! Just don’t bring up this week’s hot-button topic: Money and Comics. I wonder what Barry Windsor-Smith would have to say about it.

Remember poor, afflicted, homeless Borb from previous Need To Knows? Well, you can bring him home now. Shame the same can’t necessarily be said for Molly Crabapple’s new friends in Guantanamo. And covering the big issues isn’t restricted to maverick creators, have you read Archie recently?

Do you ever feel like giving up? Well, be like the bird. Or the frog. Something. Or is it that you feel like no-one hears what you say (this comic being a perfect example of the cool debuts we miss by not being at TCAF. ugh)? Do you ever wish someone would ask you what you want from comics industry coverage? Do you ever… wait, LOOK OUT! Okay, false alarm, anyway I was saying, how does a curated pull list sound to you?

Enough questions, Multiversity have begun their Artist August again, and have lead off with, amongst others, Greg Smallwood and Marcos Martin. Win. Presumably they’ll get around to this guy soon… And Bogdanove’s back, via Kickstarter, with a muscular moustache-twirler! Yeah! Moustaches! Woo!

That’s it. Moustaches. Can’t get better.