Need To Know… 27.8.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

I took a skip week (involving camping, movies, and wiiiiine thanks for asking!), but now NTK is back in a fifth week, to mark the coming of a very BIG week. Specifically, Jack Kirby’s birthday week. Tomorrow, on what would have been The King’s birthday, 40 artists will Wake Up and Draw, but Tom Spurgeon urges you to consider waking up and giving, instead. Need a reminder as to why you should mark it at all? Here’s 10 big reasons from MTV Geek, and one Big Barda (amongst other Kirby ladies), to jog your memory.

Second of all, Ben Affleck got cast as Batman and the world was outraged. This does not get a link. Hollywood made Superman kill, made Batman’s entire career last a few months, and Affleck is what people get really upset about? Here, get upset about the new look Lobo, instead. And then maybe try to figure out exactly who in DC Editorial is responsible. That should keep you busy.

Busy like Canadian comics culture has been, recently, what with Toronto Fan Expo, the Joe Shuster award winners announcement, this handy primer from CBR on Canadian superheroes, and the bombshell of Justice League Canada with Jeff Lemire. But why should those wacky Canucks get all the attention? We had the 9th Art Award over here in good old Blighty, and a very deserving winner! All of which was part of a seemingly unprecedented barrage of comics cutlure coverage here in the UK last week, including this bounty from the Guardian. Nilsen, Modan, Beaton, Ware, and Brown all in one paper!? Yay!

Actually, its not just been the UK producing thoughtful, cross-sector thinking about comics (was it ever just the UK?). The Beat started thinking about variants, and their place in the comics market, particularly torture variants, and sparked the direct opposite of the Batfleck debacle: reasoned debate. Which could also be found on Twitter of all places, when critics started talking Marvel NOW!. It seems like the kind of thing Scott McCloud would approve of. If he wasn’t busy getting punched in the face by Hellboy, in an image which reminds us all how important it is that we read Understanding Comics, purely to see why so many people feel such animosity towards him! The Hellboy mention is timely, too, what with Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 dropping tomorrow, so its the perfect time for a refresher on 20 years of Hellboy.

Which we suppose makes Hellboy old school. Then again, when it comes to making comics, sometimes old school is just cool. Though new school keeps it simpler. Of course the simplest way to do anything is to find the shortcuts, and for that Michel Fiffe has you covered. Now you’re all set to go check out BOOM!’s Facebook and get published! You’re welcome.

Welcome like they make you at Autoptic, another con we didn’t get to *grumble grumble*. Here’s the best con report ever, and here’s the spare-no-details “it’s like I was there” version. However you look at it, its better than a trip to Battle Zoo. Humans must kill for their freedom inside Battle Zoo. That may not have anything on the savagery of parts of The End Of The Fucking World, though, which has been out a couple weeks and would fit real nice in your reading pile. Mind you, lots of people seem to feel that way about this, but we’re not sure why. What do you think?

Couple of tasty previews this week, one you may not have on your radar, one you most likely do, and one you probably will put on there after seeing this. Plus, advance reviews of something Mighty appealing. The future’s bright, alright, but this glimpse you may want to tuck away for November’s Godland Finale, as Joe Casey gets deep about bringing the series to an end.

Introductions and spotlights for this week are Heather Benjamin, in regard to whom the N in NSFW stands for “never; Matthew Southworth, the guy who made Stumptown rock (and whose site is an interesting example of the mix of work some of the more memorable, less often seen artists do when they’re away from comics); Jillian Tamaki, here riffing on Irish myths; Matthew Lau, whose digital art embraces the digital in the art and shines brighter for it; and Valerio Schiti, whose work on Journey Into Mystery cam only indicate great things to come. If you like catching up on artist’s work, and you haven’t checked out Multiversity’s Artist’s August, then seriously, what is up with you? One final introduction, Crumb, meet Dick. Magic.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Because only two things are certain: Death and Coffee. Well, and sex, violence, and sexual violence in comics, but that’s okay provided there’s a “redeeming level of quality“. Right? Or is it actually Freddy Wertham who was right all along?

See you in 7!