Need To Know… 2.9.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Let’s change it up this week, and begin with two things that aren’t comics, but are pretty frickin’ sweet anyway. First, this article should help you defend the nobility and worth of video games to any naysayers, as new media revive old artistic forms. Secondly, scifi paintings from Sweden, where “high” art meets “low” culture.

Nice right. Now here’s some real inspiration for your ass!

Last week’s post mentioned it was going to be Jack Kirby’s birthday, but as the week rolled on there was too much great Kirby stuff to not mention it again, so here are Multiversity’s top 10 greatest Kirby creations; FPI’s celebratory grab bag of iconic Kirby Marvel pages and covers; The Comics Journal’s birthday coverage, part bio, part inside look; Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims shares his Kirby sketchbook, with Kirby tribute sketches from EVERYBODY; and The Comics Reporter gets specific favourite issues from a bunch of folks who know ’bout Kirby. Robot 6, meanwhile, had possibly the greatest quote ever, from the King himself. As a non-Kirby addendum, Bill Watterson’s guidance got animated last week, and that deserves to be there alongside the King’s counsel.

Carrying on with the advisory theme, Larry Hama’s 10 rules for drawing comics should be mandatory for all artists, as should Sequart’s series of posts (starting here) detailing the intricacies of the fight scene. So there.

But if instead of creating, you’re waiting, for the next cool comics coming down the pike, here are some suggestions. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is that rare web-to-print crossover success, pure swashbuckling fun created intelligently, as you’ll see in this interview. And if you happen to be a fan of pulp, forget that Rocketeer dude, Fall 2013 is all about Rocket Girl! On a different, time travelling tip, this isn’t brand new, but it is great. So is Science Fiction, while we’re talking about great indy books. And if you’re a David Aja fan and liking Hawkguy, maybe try to make it to New York for this: because Mazzuchelli was doing it first. There’s yet another Kickstarted book coming to our shelves soon, through Top Cow, but I can’t figure out which is more compelling, the concept or the author’s achievement. Who cares, check it out! I mentioned this Sabre Kickstarter last week, but here’s an in-depth interview with Don McGregor, and for those of you who don’t know why you would care, The Beat breaks it down.

Thinking more mainstream, it can only be good news that Valiant has Doug Braithwaite on board for Unity, while you may be relieved to hear that the forthcoming Fraction/Zdarsky joint “Sex Criminals” isn’t what it sounds like. This is a little further off, but Dave Bullock’s King Ronok (goofy name aside) looks mighty sweet. One reason why we don’t see more of Bullock could be that he’s underrated, in which case he’s in good company, as you’ll see from this article where artists name the creators they feel are most unfairly overlooked.

Several endings last week, with Trinity War drawing to a close (only you can decide if it deserved as intelligent and knowledgeable a review as this), and iFanboy deciding to shutter their online operation. They’ll be missed, and it seems fitting to leave you with their history of the Justice League, so you can carry iFanboy’s wisdom with you. Other things I’ll be deprivbed of in the future include this deranged Sean Murphy Batman story, but fortunately I can still win his Batman: Black and White statue. Thanks DC!

Are these the greatest 3 X-family stories ever? Is anything cooler than Red Kryptonite, trans-genderer of superdogs? Yes, there is something cooler. Geof Darrow art. He gives a pretty good interview too. Or if Darrow doesn’t float your boat, maybe Sophie Foster Dimino will dazzle your eyeballs. Take your time. But keep a LOOK OUT for this title coming in September from groovy UK comics folks. And now the questions…

Clever, or clever-dick? You decide.

Be warned, this is a read that will move you. After you read it, maybe ask yourself “Who am I leaving waiting?”