Need To Know… 16.9.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Before we deep-dive into the madness, this Ghibli inspired Kickstarter is truly awesome-looking, and while not strictly comics, its well worth a glance. And here you can learn how to run your own (hopefully successful) campaign from people who’ve been there and done it with Kickstarted comics.

DC are sorry for this Harley Quinn contest which is still running, and presumably won’t be considering any of these entries? They haven’t apologised for their part in breaking the timestream though, and frankly, we’re peeved! And here’s a nice positive article reminding us that creative team switch-ups can rock. Ooh, and a whole new publisher! Good times.

On a sadder note, it won’t be Marvel NOW NOW!, then? Or Marvel NOW THEN, NOW THEN? Shame.

SPX was this week-end, and that means Ignatz winners, y’all! It also means a quality post-show report, this time from the great Joe Ollman. And if you needed further proof of the legacy of great cartoons (Ignatz awards, named after Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse, the cartoon strip, keep up!) check this new Calvin and Hobbes/Dune mash-up. But SPX also means a whole load of small press creators to check out, and this list is faultless and talent-packed! The same can of course be said of this Comics Journal open competition held by Frank Santoro. But it might take you a little longer to work through.

Marriage is officially a doomed institution. Sorry folks, legally recognised love is dead.

Top Shelf’s annual online sale is on. $3 graphic novels, y’all! But you can also get free comics, they’re all over: at Study Group (by Jonny Negron, no less), and you may find that Carnivale becomes your new online comics opus?

A Queen & Country movie is one thing, but if it has Ellen Page in the lead, that’s possibly even better news than Avengers not sucking! At any rate, its the anti-Batfleck.

If you’ve ever liked hot rods, blaxploitation, Jim Mahfood art, or Joe Casey, then this is the cartoon for you! For those of you trying to limit your YouTubing to more edifying pursuits, try stepping up From The Gutters.

Fairy Tales from First Second, and check out that list of creators involved: Mazzuchelli, Tamaki, and Hernandez?! Speaking of great creators (that link must get used every week, sorry!) Rafael Grampa is Absolut-ly cool,

Did you like the Dredd movie? Do you like 2000 AD? Then join the Day of Action this Wednesday to get a Dredd sequel made and achieve total cultural supremacy! However you felt about the movie, this is definitely the week to pick up Judge Dredd Megazine. 2000 AD too, for that matter. Kind of related, be careful how you say words that sound like Dredd.

Mindless Ones ramblings are often tricky to decipher, but this one gets rant of the week, easily. Going upscale, reading this will take you less time than actually reading Akira, and may give you more smart-sounding things to say over a beer or two.

Meet Sarah Horrocks, she’s worked on Adventure Time and Multiple Warheads, so she’s cool, right? Speaking of Adventure Time, Ryan North announcing a new comic through a new imprint is cool, but making it about a weaponised Midas Touch?… waaaay cool. Also, meet Josh Bayer, who said this: “Originality is a red herring.” Then discuss!

Whatever you do, don’t be this guy. Either embrace change, or stop reading when it stops being fun. Its meant to be fun, right?

And finally, leaving the great HBO for a job at Comixology would be madness, right? Wrong. Happy reading!