Need To Know… 23.9.13 (backdated? hell yeah!)

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Yeah, yeah, SPX is over, but when Bleeding Cool writes up an indy panel you know it was worthwhile! And more people worth listening to have recommendations from the show… so just suck it up, I promise next week I won’t mention it ever happened!

Now, what’s better than great creator interviews? Great creator interviews by creators, so Gforer talking to Dalrymple is almost … Delusional? Since we’ve lead off with interviews, Joseph Lambert is one to watch, and Karl Kerschl is a long-time Need To Know favourite, so having them both be in Fairy Tale Comics has to be a recommendation, right?

If that was all a bit too much like reading, here’s some DeForge.

Surprise of last week had to be the answer to the questions: Who’ll protect us all from sexist internet trolls? Bendis will!

Closer to home, who’ll fly the flag for British comics? These guys (and gals)! Probably not all of them, though.

Gilbert Hernandez owns comics right now. Looks set to continue next year, too, and I hope this is the pattern, closer to the annual French album alongside whatever serialised work is coming out. Although before that, there’s some Pretty Deadly competition. So good, it’s a Fraction away from being Inhuman? Ah, puns.

Another pitch for the rejected genius pile, this time from Faith Erin Hicks, and a preview from a pitch that maybe should have been read closer? I love the Avengers, I love both creators, but those first few pages… exposition or what?

How graphic do you like it?

This is not how you summon Stan.

And finally, are letterers the real geniuses of comics? Sure seems like it…