Need To Know… 30.9.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Farewell Villain’s Month. Can’t say I’ll miss you, can’t really say anything nice about you, but thank Mozzocco for this, the thorough, even-handed post-event analysis you deserve. And for any creators who may have railed against the event, the Big 2, or superhero comicking in general, this here is some sage advice.

I’ve yet to read all of WHATZIT, but it may just become your new favourite online strip.

Have you ever reached your own personal boiling point, and felt that “it really ought to be a man’s right to share his boiling honey with any girl who made him… boil“? No? Me either, obviously, but  click through anyway for two other hauntingly monstrous and yes, more tastefully articulated, tales.

It’s Strumpet time again, so head over to Kickstarter and get Tasty! Or support an artist more directly, by getting a commission from the amazing Josh Simmons. Oh, and if last week’s British Comics Awards longlist was a little cumbersome for you, its now a shortlist, so you can pick your Fantasy Creator team accordingly. (Fantasy Creator League should be a thing).

The Hernandez brothers have their own spin on where comics are at now, and why older comics are so compelling, and like everything they do, its well worth your time. They’re part of an abundance of reading guidance this week, as Crossed’s Jacen Burrows recommends horror comics (who better to do so?); although if you’d rather read some new horror, this Kickstarter has the Scott Snyder seal of approval. Comics Alliance are seeking to broaden your perceptions of what noir is, and what noir comics you should read, and Sonia Harris joins the top 5 action with a clutch of new, must-read, all ages comics!

She Hulk is back! By Soule and Pulido no less! (I feel a paean to Slott and Bobillo’s Shulkie run coming on…)

That was one concrete announcement in a week of teasing from Marvel, so which teases have you wondering? And while we wait for NYCC and the teasing to end, are you all ready for some Marvel Knights Peter Parker action? Or maybe an animated trailer for monochrome Batman is more your speed? Since we’re talking Big 2, this article suggests that Marvel’s current success is down to them lifting tactics from DC’s playbook… interesting.

In non-licensed previews and teases, Brubaker lifts the (Iron) curtain on Velvet, (Iron Curtain-wise, here’s an intriguing tale of Stalin era childhood romance); and here’s an all ages hymn to mothers and their sons that features another, less familiar variety of ass-kicking female lead.

Wertham was preoccupied with these comics. Can you understand his revulsion?

Nowadays, we all know Image publishes a number of calibre creators, but you may not realise how much they owe to Caliber creators. And are you familiar with the 20 stages of reading? Lynda Barry will walk you through them.

Welcome to possibly your new favourite cartoon, from a highly unlikely source.

And remember. Nothing is Impossible.