Need To Know… 28.10.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

This week, a healthy dose of patriotism. And no, that doesn’t mean coverage of MCM Expo. Comica’s Fall 2013 programme is underway, which means this Saturday is your twice-yearly small press feast: Comiket. Perhaps you’ll see some faces there who entered the Observer Graphic Short Story Prize, and attendant comics awards… Either way, it’s a timely prompt to look at the great work being done in UK comics. And that work is being appreciated outside comics, too, as part of our cultural heritage, an aid to scientific inquiry, and, of course, unprintable unpatriotic filth. That last one is interesting, ever hear of printers refusing to print a comic? More positively, Thought Bubble looms, and here are a few of the gems launching there. And next year, what will Ellis + Shalvey =?

You may also have heard that a couple of the original British invasion’s lynchpin titles are returning, so here’s Gaiman and McKean on Sandman, and Moore on Miracleman, in three parts. More progressively, does it take a Brit to realise Loki’s true nature defies gender? Or just Al Ewing?

Hopefully by now you’ve read Pretty Deadly #1. Did you rip it up? More to the point, do you care if someone else did, or is this another comics storm in a teacup? Also, Five Ghosts is back! Sorry, those two aren’t connected really, beyond both being great reads. To craft your own great read, perhaps you should consider 3 point plotting?

If you missed Head Lopper the first time around, fret not, the second volume is on Kickstarter now, so there’s still time! While you’re there, though, you might want to peruse Vito Delsante’s projects, as they both seem intriguing and full of heart. There’s a lot of temptation in there, possibly too much, so instead, lets celebrate more artists doing DC better than DC does!

Other treats include a preview and interview for a memorable summer’s tale from Tamaki and Mariko via First Second (Tamaki’s SuperMutant Magic Academy is a great webcomic), a first look at this scheduled CAB launch from Zejian Shen, an introduction to the Coal Mine school of comics (not what you think), and this rare new interview with Jim Woodring. Have you read Fran yet? Never mind, try some Passion Fruit. Or some Scandinavian sound effects with PEOW studios!

In terms of retrospective delight, Comics Alliance gives us an excuse to perv on Steranko, Kirby, and others with these classic movie-to-comics adaptations (one of which is replicated in inimitable style by Robin Barnard here), and since we’re waxing nostalgic, Bernie Wrightson is 65 and sharing art (but not release dates for more Frankenstein Alive, Alive yet).

Orbital Comics screened a Jeffrey Jones movie last week. Here’s why you might be interested. Sticking with movies, here are Paul Pope, Kagan McLeod, Sam Hiti, and Frederik Peeters all drawing live on camera and a terrific Osamu Tezuka documentary.

We leave you with the birth of superheroes, in a lyrical and thoroughly researched essay.

And Frederic Wertham, Champion of Nudists. In my head, anyway.