Need To Know… 4.11.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

First this week, the bad news. Those comics in your basement? They’re probably worthless, especially if you’re stateside. Sorry. If you’re in the UK, however, there’s a whole lot more Humanoids comics headed your way! All better?

Some of you may have noticed last week that it was Halloween. There was a general trend of posting scary comics and horror images, but far and away Emily Carroll owned the year’s fearfullest night, with Skin, Bear & Fox, and even just her dream diary! Okay, one more.

To shake off the heebie jeebies, take a gander at these superheroes, redesigned. As manatees. Or remind yourself that before Neal Adams settled into being Neal Adams, he could be pretty experimental.

Now back to the serious stuff. DC are moving to Burbank, California. Is this the end of comics as we know them? Or does this story pair well with another (to put it mildly) disappointing comics industry furore, that of Tess Fowler’s recounted experiences with a prominent “progressive” creator. Some say DC’s news is best viewed in the context of Daredevil going digital, as we learned last week. What do you think?

Speaking of Digital, have you tried Tapastic yet? Does Crunchyroll’s “Marvel Unlimited for Manga” pitch make you drool? Or is that all too thinky, and you’d prefer Si Spurrier write you a nice free webcomic? Maybe something sweeter and more surreal, a litle Honey, perhaps? Even easier, how about a sneak peek of Unity #1 from Valiant?

Sometimes one word is all you need to help you “get” a creator’s work that bit better. Other times its nice to have an artist walk you though their process, especially when it’s J H Williams walking you through Sandman Overture #1. Almost makes up for Fables and Fairest ending, doesn’t it? Also in the reading aids section, the folks over at TCJ can help you “get” Jim Woodring’s Fran. Let them, or at the very least let Frank Santoro and James Romberger school you a little in comics craft and the approaches open to you. Then go to New York, attend CAB, and buy this. Simples!

Forget Thor. Tales of Asgard is where it’s at. Although some would prefer to stroll around a Memory Palace. Or some poetry by Becky Cloonan, even without pictures.

Finally, two notes of inspiration.

This was made while Michael DeForge was sick. What could you achieve with a bad head cold?

How do you deal with rejection? Because Jim Lee had to deal with quite a bit, and look where he is.

Almost forgot! Milo Manara tells the history of humankind. CLICK THIS!