Need To Know… 18.11.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

No, this blog is not going fortnightly, it’s just been a little delayed… And since we’re talking, let’s make something clear. There will be no mention of Batkid, Tess Fowler, or Brian Wood in this column. Because it’s about comics, about storytelling with words and pictures. Just saying!

Let’s start off with a free taster of something that’s in-store and an unknown quantity, courtesy of Study Group: Sabertooth Swordsman. You’ll believe a Sabertooth can Sword. Or you might want to save it for January, to read instead of your second issue of Sandman: Overture. Are DC now less punctual than Image? More to the point, are they less interesting than the fan fiction they inspire, is that The Deal? Or does that fan fic itself reflect a worrying trend… Either way, The Deal’s artist is worth a watch.

Solicits are up! Get involved, and let us know what you want! It’s how you can help good comics to thrive, by reducing the mystery in ordering math. Also, if you don’t click through, you should know that Valiant owned the solicitations, just like Unity #1 owned the superhero racks (Time Warner and Disney properties aside).

Thought Bubble approaches rapidly (if you still haven’t digested CAB yet, here’re a few digestifs), so we have recommendations from The Beat and the FPI blog, to help you target your efforts toward the cream! If you can’t make it up to Leeds, fret not, just walking the streets of London may unearth some comic art gems, you never know. Similar things are happening in Tehran, too. The Jokers. Rewind a couple sentences to when we were talking recommendations, and allow us to suggest this as a Christmas winner for the cold-hearted amongst you. And on a sidebar: would you read more book reviews if they were in this format?

There’s an avalanche of Kickstarters that deserve your attention this week, from the mouldy, to those going boldly (into apprenticeship), to helping a publisher who reminds us all (amongst other things) of the golden oldies. All three are more complex, more innovative than a simple “give me money for comics” pitch, which makes there being so many of them a little easier to bear.

Marvel’s playing the (re)numbering game in 2014, does that make you happy? Sad? How do you feel about the “season model” versus the haphazard strategy currently in place? Or is this just something for the DC/Marvel fanboys to bicker about?

Do you think too much? No longer!

Old comics were filthy. Seriously filthy.

As ever, a word of warning. Know your double.