Need To Know… 2.12.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Hooo boy! It’s a big one. Let’s lead off with the elephant in the room. Holiday season, and the gifts people will want. Have you tried anything by Youth In Decline, because their 2014 subscriptions look hot? Copra #12, the last issue of the first volume, is almost here, so maybe catch someone up on this year’s most exciting book? Crowd-source presents can be great, maybe pay tribute to the Spider King? The New York Times has Christmas recommendations for comics lovers and their puzzled gift-givers, or you could get all avant garde and be guided by the Angouleme selections, or the Fnac longlist, to give your gifting that continental BD flavour. Playing it safer, you could track down any of these 100 greatest comics storylines ever. The Holidays are about giving, though, so maybe you could extend some needed charity to Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai. Its also about people… Christmas zine social, anyone?

Maybe you’re super-organised and have your gifts all wrapped up? Treat yourself with a few peeks into the future, courtesy of Paul Gravett’s February picks, Alison Sampson’s Think of a City project (you should totally track Sampson down online and follow her, she has great taste) which is ongoing and doubtless will only get richer, the badass Tradd Moore Ghost Rider coming in 2014, Douglas Wolk and Ulises Farinas’ Judge Dredd: Mega City Two, or the enchanting and great-looking Monsters. Next year is shaping up nicely, we may even get an Offset Comics release!

So nicely, in fact, that its easy to forget the bounty we have now. Fortunately a Thought Bubble reading list from Laura Sneddon, and full con report from Steve Morris should catch you up.

If your idea of Holidays is learning, then you’re probably in the minority, but don’t let that put you off! Instead, learn speed-comicking, or familiarise yourself with Thrillbent’s storytelling grammar, get to know just who this Rube Goldberg dude was, and experience Curt Swan’s X-rated Superman comic. You’ll likely learn a thing or two about the artistic collaboration of colourist and penciller from Matteo Scalera, while you may not be aware that there are, in fact, two Silver Surfers. Oh, and Captain Kirk will teach you how to fight. Of course, Leon Beyond will teach you more than all of these people put together, but how much of that teaching can you trust? Finally, Marvel can teach you how to market with lies.

Couple of milestones this past week. The Phoenix hit 100 (and we stock it now)! Aaand Infinity ended. Was it great? Plus, if you missed out on Letter 44 #1, you can read it here. You may prefer a beautiful trip to the long-awaited Firelight Isle, or to just binge on art and more art (check the Punisher’s tee). Maybe you’d prefer something shorter? Whatever, you should totally trust your Gut Feelings, and trust your judgment around Bad Houses.

Is this you? Because it doesn’t have to be.

Remember this.