Need To Know… 9.12.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

You know when you forget to hit “Publish”? Sorry folks!

It must be almost 2014, because everyone wants to help you spend money. Tom Spurgeon offers his excellent “holiday shopping guide“; Robot 6 wants to help you go straight to the source and buy from artists; TIME magazine’s top 10 comics and graphic novels is a shopping guide in all but title; and the excellently named Locust Moon Comics has a terrific list that’ll take you deeper down the rabbit hole of indy comics. And best of all, Multiversity are doing their usual job of rounding up creators to pick the best of 2013, across a bunch of categories. Find out who the stars’ stars are.

This, though, is the most important list. Comics Alliance name and shame the worst presents for comics readers. Circulate it widely, and lets all spare ourselves the grief. Or you could just make it a Love & Rockets Christmas?

Is it too early to look ahead to 2014? To new Alan Moore comics? To Goran Parlov breaking out as the next big thing (with a Millar assist)? To Box Brown doing an Andre the Giant bio comic? The return of Strangehaven (wait, what?)? The DiCaprio Watterson biopic?

Its enough to make you wonder if comics are the dominant art form for this century? Or does it just make you groan?

It’s not all good news though. Last week we lost Picturebox, in an interesting contrast with Fantagraphics’ crowdfunding success. Robot 6 bid Picturebox farewell, and The Comics Reporter wrote the definitive obituary, so if you don’t know why it’s sad, you can learn. And then be sad too. And if that doesn’t move you, Six-Gun Gorilla has ended. Sad face.

Do you ever wonder what happens when superheroes overdo the Christmas pudding?

And finally, even DC is getting festive, this is a kind of funny blog post from them! About Superman! Yay!