Need To Know… 16.12.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need


Hey Everybody, the year is almost done and the new year is almost upon us after which another year will pass and it all repeats on and on with new presents and different wrapping and more comics every week more comics….

Ahem. It’s all getting a bit much really, isn’t it? Let’s dial down the noise, and dial into some good stuff. Like Dan Didio feeling Christmassy and undoing the Detective Comics #27 mess. Like pages from new Darwyn Cooke Parker book, Slayground. Or a comic featuring the worst sidekick ever, for the hero who really deserves better. The opportunity to read The End of The Fucking World online for free at whatthingsdo. An early glimpse at The Midas Flesh, perhaps. Best of all, the ultimate beginner’s comic-making kit.

Ooh, that feels better. If you want to feel even better, Comics Alliance’s epic 5-part (and growing) Best Comic Books of 2013, is a hell of a way to celebrate the year, and comics. Tom Spurgeon’s Five For Friday: The Year in Comics is a diverse celebration, too, while more thoughtful types will want to ponder his Things I’ll Be Thinking Over as 2013 Becomes 2014.

Too thinky, too soon? Look, pretty Tomer Hanuka! Pretty creepy Laurie Lipton!

For those of you who can’t get enough best of 2013 lists, look here, here, and here. For the forward-looking among you, 2014 looks like rich pickings, promising new Gilbert Hernandez, a Bat-leap into the future, Tradd Moore Ghost Rider (yes, I mention this every week but I DON’T CARE and now there are new images!), a new DC weekly, Hitch’s Real Heroes (preview pages, so at least we know some of it is done), Jae Lee back on Batman/Superman, Scioli’s Transformers vs GI Joe, Nijigahara Holograph from Inio Asano, and of course…

Marvelman. Recoloured. Which will require some context. And poses an interesting conundrum.

Wonder whether Marvelman does without all of these cliches?

Seems like the season of Rucka, right now, with The Beat and CBR picking his brains. Gabriel Rodriguez tries to make up for ruining Christmas with this reflection back over Locke & Key’s life. And for those of you bamboozled by Godland’s finale, Chad Nevett is on hand to help out. And if allthat’s a bit talky, check out this political webcomic with the most impeccable creator pedigree we could imagine.

Last of all, solicits are up for March’s shipping. Check ’em out, & let your retailer know what you want!