Need To Know… 23.12.13

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need


Hey Everybody! Christmas is around the corner, which means we can almost stop talking about it, and commence with the January blues. Yay!

But the key word in that sentence is “almost”. So here are a few more end of 2013 & round-up style posts; firstly the second part of the incredible Zainab Akhtar’s 2013 Notables, then Faith Erin Hicks dashes off a “quick and dirty” list of 2013 stocking fodder, CBR’s best comics of 2013 top 25, Frank Santoro looks back over the last 6 years in Bests, The Comics Journal look like they just linked to everything they published this yearPaul Gravett reviews 2013, and FPI has asked a bunch of creators for their picks, so let Owen Michael Johnson school you beyond comics.

That enough for you? Good, here’s some more forward looking links, to a preview of Mega City Two (ooh!), Locust Moon Comics’ Nemo in Slumberland zine, and the return of Stray Bullets, from Image this time (and if you’re not familiar with this canon work, check out this nice commentary on canon). Diverging from canon, have we reached Peak Comics? Because here’s another list of awards nominees for next year (for SPACE), and a slew of brand new, evidently talented names. Can we cope with this much comics talent?

Stop. Before you go any further, feed your cat. You’ll thank me.

Finally, Paul Dini is able to shed some light on why women continue to be underrepresented in comics and its peripherals. Mind boggled. Sophia Foster-Dimino‘s work, thankfully, lets nothing hold it back, but on the flipside Rachel doesn’t appear to have continued Rising, despite the comics community’s best efforts. If all that saddens you, then revisit one of comics’ prouder moments, and let Don McGregor walk you though the first interracial comics kiss.

With a little break coming up, you may be looking for a long online read to fill your time, in which case Evan Dahm has you covered. Alternatively, Tom Spurgeon has started his Holiday Interviews Programming, and so far we’ve got Paul Pope, Genevieve Castree, and wonder-duo Sean T Collins & Joe McCulloch. If you’re feeling really brave, Tom Scioli will hold your hand through some GI Joe comics, and Fast Company has a smart, informative feature on the Science of Strips, but its probably much more important that you learn the wonders of Matter-Eater Lad. Not kidding.

Free comics for Christmas? Sure. Go ahead, click through, we’re not playing reindeer games here, we’re pretty serious, serious like electrocomics, serious like Sikoryak doing Robot Rapture. Has that all made you hungry? Try some Brooklyn Quesadillas, they’re 90’s sitcom-licious.

Doomed Comics Pitch #9377835908: Lemire & Foreman on Doom Patrol. Nah, that’d never work.

And finally, a Christmas quest. Hunt down a copy of A1 Annual, from Titan, for Steranko’s FROGS. Looks like a must-read.

Finally, thank you for reading these links, supporting comics, and for all your suggestions. Need To Know… will be back in 2014, with a vengeance!