Need To Know… 2014.1

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Hey Everybody! Welcome to 2014, and your first NTK of the year. Everyone’s still rating 2013, and there are more reviews and Best Of’s out there than you could ever read, so I figure let’s look forward, not back. The Beat have you covered, with this 2013 Year End survey that asks creators and comics folk to look ahead based off what’s in the rear view mirror. It’s in five parts. Robot 6, meanwhile, weigh in with a massive 7-parter. One-upmanship much?

Other future news includes a hot-looking crop of comics from Koyama, a brand new Box Brown comic series, Shulkie (we will mention this every week until its out, and maybe after that even!), Sean Murphy going to Image, & yet more stellar titles from Breakdown Press (Shaky Kane y’all!). And for those of you who like your comics newsy, The Nib has a strong line-up for this year, lotta big names there.

News-wise in comics, Star Wars will be Marvel’s starting in 2015. Quelle surprise. For any of you yet to read all of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics (I haven’t either), the list is getting longer this year. Oh, and have you heard about the LaBoeuf beef? Creator rights, pah! Who needs ’em? *sigh*

Two crowd-funders for your delectation this week, the inspired concept of Wolfen Jump (we’ve mentioned it before in its Tumblr incarnation, but now it’s going to be a real boy!); and Dean Trippe’s Something Terrible, which thoroughly deserves to be a physical book.

Now, haven’t you always wanted to draw like Popeye? Now you can, and there’s no spinach required! You might lean towards design, in which case flavour of the year Tom Muller talks you through his approach. Maybe you’ll go from zero to… Zero? Perhaps instead you’re still boggled at the origins of the underwear on the outside superhero aesthetic? Well boggle no longer, you can blame the circus. Are you an Infomaniac? Find out. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for a way to get a handle on those tricksy Latvian comics from Kus, huh? Well, here’s the primer you need to get on board. It’s worth it.

Finally, when Superheroes get old, it isn’t pretty. But it is funny.

See you in a week!