Need To Know… 27.1.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Alright, let’s get this out of the way right up front; Deadly Class won the racks last week, so here are a few related articles, where Remender talks sci-fi and Fear Agent on Bleeding Cool, Wes Craig gets the full treatment at Multiversity (be sure to check out his BlackHand Comics), and since Lee Loughridge’s colours were so much a part of that first issue, here’s two Colorist Appreciation Day links explaining why you should appreciate, and who you might. Technically, Undertow‘s a sci-fi book, right? So this really intelligent and thoughtful Steve Orlando interview is kind of relevant, and while we may have already mentioned Genesis (sorry), it can’t hurt to turn your eyes that way again with more detail from FPI (not sorry).

Transformers. GI Joe. Tom Scioli research. Nuff said. And if you’re enjoying geeking out on creator research, this Frank Santoro post on some big titles’ humble beginnings is a treat. Talking beginnings, imagine Batman’s beginnings without Bill Finger, and prepare to marvel at a new beginning for Jack Kirby’s Captain Victory with a crazy hot creator list, in what actually is, for a change, a Dynamite announcement. If none of that does it for you, maybe you’re just the wrong kind of nerd?

In great news, the British Library has realised that comics exist, and are good. Well done, chaps. In other news, Rafael Grampa is indeed still a rock star (wanna help him make an animated movie?), previews are here for Nina Bunjevac’s next project, London-based Breakdown Press continue to rock comics hard, and John Porcellino offers his thoughts on 2013’s best and brightest.

Did you ever buy any of these? Come on, own up. Or do you secretly wish comics would splash out more? You’re among friends here.

If you like your novels with pictures by kick-ass artists, then this (story)killer Kickstarter looks pretty sweet, but before you go there it’s very very important that you learn the truth behind all the recent NSA/GCHQ spying revelations. Also, did you know just how fully NSFW (but fun!) Brandon Graham’s sex comics are? Careful before you click, these images just might ruin you.

My new favourite superheroes.

Finally, are any of your dreams in here? Because you may find yourself adopting a few of those. See you in 7!