Need To Know… 03.02.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

You know, it feels like it’s been a while since we talked about DC. So this week let’s begin by noticing that the Bat-books editor, Mike Marts, has returned to Marvel. Not a great sign, so let’s counterbalance by celebrating the sales success of Harley Quinn, and looking at whether Harley might be the Renaissance Lady of Fun Comics. Did you know there’s a War on Fun? Over on the cinema side of the street, the Jesse Eisenberg Luthor casting was received with… confusion, though it’s surely no dumber than any attempt at a Gambit movie, (or the new Quicksilver costume) right? Ah, Gambit. Remember the first time? Also, dilemma of the week: what excites you more: Michael Bay’s TMNT movie images, or TMNT Lego?

Lego FTW.

There’s a bevy of notable crowdfunding campaigns around, too, with a Kim Deitch miscellany, a new subscription offering from the awesomely named King Bone Press, another from Maple Key Comics, and an IndieGoGo from Negative Pleasure Publications with a stellar list of indy creators. You might be saving up for Valentine’s, though, and not want to splash out on any cool comics stuff for a while. In that case, master the Valentine’s Day Whale, and you’re good to spend on yourself! In that same DIY vein, have you checked out Comics For Beginners?

When American libraries do comics awards, they go all the way. Thorough doesn’t begin to cover it. Fortunately, when old creators pass away, The Comics Reporter is there to be library-thorough in collating obituaries, remembrances, and context. Rest In Peace, Morrie Turner. And since this week will mark Jack Kirby’s passing, this link seems fitting. This comic doesn’t strictly fit here, but it’s so beautiful, and it is about loss, so, just read it.

Wow, that was a sad paragraph. How about some things to look forward to? Like new editions of James Stokoe’s Wonton Soup! Chinese pulp heroes! A new Brandon Graham anthology title! Better? Evan Shaner will tickle the funny bones of the musically inclined, too, with this CBR Sunday interview that sees him casting comics characters as orchestral instruments. And digging through CSBG’s 31 Days of Comics is definitely going to be fun, we’ve been waiting until they’re all indexed so we can binge!

As if you needed reminding, Stumptown was amazing, not that it did anything to address the problem of comics’ lack of breakout characters. But as long as there are great comics, do we really need great characters? Probably worth thinking about what Cameron Stewart’s tweets say about the correlation of social media noise to sales signal. Abner Dean definitely warrants closer examination. Oh, and with Frank Santoro, Brandon Graham, AND David Brothers all on the show together, this 500th Inkstuds podcast is as close to compulsory as comics podcasts get!

This past weekend, a couple of things happened. The Superbowl. Didja miss it? No worries. And a li’l thing called Angouleme. Wonder if My Boy was on sale there.

Do you ever feel like you’re the last man on Earth? You’re almost certainly not. Not sure if that’s a good thing, though…