Need To Know… 03.03.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

If I went by numbers, this would be NTK #52. I’ve retired that number for obvious reasons. Like this.

Big week for Image this week, as they step up to the education plate, make a teeny tiny boo boo, but mainly for Eric Stephenson’s speech at the ComicsPRO event, focusing on “new creativity” and the future of comics. Before you drink his Kool-Aid, though, I’d urge you to consider Ulises Farinas’s overview of the state of comics, based off his experiences of reviewing them recently, and an interesting piece on comics, digital, and disposability over at PopMatters. Or try this: “The American comic book is a zombie” – Discuss.

Still, $600m a year from cons can’t be all bad. Some of that even comes from events that are just about comics, like this one.

A cornucopia of small press and independent goodness awaits you this week, starting with Cody Pickrodt’s excellent Ray Ray Books, proceeding via the terribly good Lauren Monger, taking in just a Glimpse at the Secret Knots, building to an epic climax with FPI’s uber-preview of UK comics to come in 2014! For a global perspective, check out the brand new and growing Tiny Report, your Yellow Pages for all things indy in comics.

We’ve got regretful fantasies of what a GI Joe by Michel Fiffe would have looked like (clue: excellent), but there’s consolation in the ongoing revival of our childhoods through Miami Vice and Big Trouble in Little China comics. Soon, we will all be Peter Pan.

In new news, this week sees Moon Knight return and an Evil Empire begin, news of Skottie Raccoon and Simonson Ragnarok, and if you’re in the mood to prepare for the imminent Guardians of the Galaxy movie, here’s your homework.

Speaking of homework, The Comics Reporter has a great round-up of all the artists whose work should be studied first, The Comics Journal wants to clue you in on Rube Goldberg, Comics Alliance can explain the importance of just one punch, the Mindless Ones talk Miller, Cooke, and art, Robot 6 gets scatological with Ryan and DeForge, and to top it all off, somebody found a trove of Alex Toth abstractions. Stick around.

And now for some dessert, specifically Pancakes. Or maybe Sochi Superheroes are sweeter to your tastes?

Take it to the river.