Need To Know… 10.3.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Diversity is good, right? Comics are good, right? Sooo, how about checking out CBR’s recently concluded (and therefore easily searchable) Month of African-American Comics, starting with Kill Godz? If that sets you looking for a March theme, look no further than Multiversity, who are celebrating 20 years of Hellboy in their usual stunning fashion. And in April its somebody’s birthday, but how come he’s still around?

The weekend was SXSW, which means Marvel had news (sounds for your digital comics! isn’t that amaz… wait, what? oh, no sweat, there’s freebies too), while Comixology has a terrific deal on its Submit catalogue, BUT you only have until this evening to take advantage! GO! For some context on the creator perspective of the Submit program, go here, or if you’d prefer to celebrate the amazing comicking being done online today, it’s awards time for Emily Carroll and Taiyo Matsumoto! Ooh, and there’s a new webcomic started which features Emma Vieceli’s art, so things online are looking swell.

Sticking with my glorious compatriots, the upcoming British Library Comics Exhibition has a competition with a pretty sweet prize, for all you makers out there; GB’s best comics blogger (Zainab Akhtar) wants to show you something, and you’ll be glad you looked into it: Orbital Comics’s very own Ryan Jenkyns has a Kickstarter going for his creation, Whiskers McFadden, and it is shaping up to be pretty fricking sweet! And I got to live a dream this week, writing half a nice review of a Moon Knight #1 with good buddy Keith Silva. Dreams CAN come true.

Of course, good criticism is good to find, and bears criticism, so don’t just be a critic, yeah? Sorted. If you do feel compelled to critique, at least do it intelligently, and use phrases like “aesthetic hybridity” to let people know how you’re rollin’. Alternatively, you could just wait for Zack Snyder to step in and save you from any repercussions, just like he “saved us” from Terry Gilliams’s vision for Watchmen. Phew, close shave, eh?

Pick a mask, any mask.

Got a few cool treats online for you this week, like a download of Milo Milonogiannis’s art book tome (did you enjoy Prophet? then download it); a seriously Creepy old Simon/Kirby joint; or a slew of awesome blog updates from James Stokoe, Ryan Kelly, and the Mercurial Blonde herself! Best of all, you could take a wander round the Digital Comic Museum

Hands up if you didn’t know Archie Comics are the coolest publisher? Well done everyone, have some pretty art, its like cookies for your eyeballs. Ooh, and just because you’re lovely, have a gander at First Second‘s and Fantagraphics‘ Fall Release catalogues.

We are all Tigers.

Oh hey, almost forgot, this happened. COPRA’s back, baby!