Need To Know… #31.3.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Have you ever wondered, dear readers, who made Kung Fu cool? Wonder no longer, it was Hammer McGee. You might reasonably be wondering what makes Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) so cool, too. Well, Rob Salkowitz has a rundown, these two previews showcase art from Monsters and Dames, a book published annually by ECCC to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital (which is pretty cool, right?), and if you need more reasons, as people make their way home and digest the weekend’s goings on, all the best coverage will be linked to here. For what its worth, this was one of the most intriguing announcements there this year, Pires + Copland x Pop = Awesome?

In terms of news, its great to hear solid plans from Eric Powell for more Goon, more often going forward! Spidey 2099 is going to be a thing, too, and however you feel about that, its a great excuse to dive into Peter David’s extensive back catalogue of really creative superhero comics. And September feels far from now, but this Oni Press book looks worth waiting for.

If you like TV, movies, comics, or music, every link on this page will offer you something cool. Sean T Collins don’t play. And here’s a Top 10 list that’s well worth reading, of biographical comics.

Batman is 75, apparently. No biggie, right? Well, to start your celebrations, check out his best/most interesting coverage over the years, courtesy of Comics Alliance, while CBR can offer you his 75 best covers of all time, though for me, there’s nowhere near enough Breyfogle in that list. Hellboy may be a Spring Chicken at only 20, but Multiversity’s crew of contributing artists shows how high-impact he’s been in that time (I kind of like this one in particular).

Do you like Crime Comics? Check out Recoil.

Had you heard of the critical term, “groundlevels”, before? Worth reading, especially if you’re a Sex Criminals fan or someone who likes Image’s output. Liz Greenfield makes great comics, but she also gives an interesting perspective on self-publishing, artistic visions, and professionalism. So, y’know, read the article on FPI. Hey, here’s a good question: When were DC last innovative? Well, we know they were in 1972… (and for those of you who click through on that and go *groan* “more Kirby worship? really?”, it’s way bigger and more relevant than that). In the interests of equality, Marvel haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory recently either. Andrew Wheeler can tell you why, via a Mandarin short and the dubious humour of prison rape.

Study Group have a Kickstarter going for their Spring season line-up. If you’re still reading and haven’t already clicked through, try this new strip they have up, and then tell me you don’t want to support them. I dare you.

Nic Klein makes pretty pages. A lot of the ones featured here are very superhero-y, but scroll down to the black and white Silver Surfer image, and behold the cosmic glory.

See you in 7!