Need To Know… 7.4.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Another week, another con, another bunch of comics you might want to hunt down after scrolling voyeuristically through these MOCCA reminiscences. Take comfort in the fact that the entire North American comics web has been slowed by some phenomenal ECCC crud. Still, if you got to attend interesting panels like this one on Realism in Comics, you’d probably deal with a little crud, right? Also, late-breaking but still interesting, here’s a nice run-down of the Seattle comics scene. And as if the cons weren’t enough, the 2013 Doug Wright Awards nominees are up, and they make for fun discoveries, check ’em out, check ’em ALL out!

Going DC/Marvel for a minute, do you understand just why Steranko’s Cap was so important, so pivotal? And would “political” be among the first words you’d use to describe Marvel comics? Across the continent, as Batman gets to 75, he gets an insightful write-up from Chris Sims at Comics Alliance, and Bruce Timm comes back, maybe to make up for Beware the Batman? That’ll take some doing.

There are a ton of projects worth backing this week, from 80’s action genius to Tank Girl (not that big a leap, really), to a new instalment of the always awesome Suspect Device! Oh, and that Study Group Kickstarter is still running, and this week there’s a Comics Reporter gabfest with Zack Soto and a Short Con (different kind of con, you’ll see) on the Study Group site, all to entice you… Ooh, and Superbitch is launching a Kickstarter imminently, too, which you might want to keep an eye out for!

Hey everyone, colorists matter and DC are a little backward! Wait, we knew this already… didn’t we? Oh, and the Bechdel Test might not just be a critical tool for equality, it might actually be a business booster. But you’re probably aware of all this. After all, you’re a rational person.

There’s a wealth of good stuff online, not least of which is a Grant Morrison/Rian Hughes silent collaboration for the BBC on Freedom (in what is perhaps the most unexpected combination of words you’ll see all week?). Paul Gravett profiles a creator who may tickle the fancies of the Lynch-ians among you. Jeff Smith has upgraded and revamped the site for his new webcomic, Tuki Save the Humans (that just wrapped Season One), so it’s actually a joy to read now, honest! There’s competition though, as Decrypting Rita may just become your new favourite webcomic. Oh, and that Fiffe guy who does COPRA? He just put #1 online for free. Excuses destroyed.

Things to look forward to? To live for? Fret not, Image has you covered with a slice of Southern sass you’ll be sucking on for some time, yes, Southern Bastards is almost here, and the early word is good! Frank Barbiere keeps coming up with good ideas, too, and answering questions raised long ago in Powers, while Mignola prepares you for more Hellboy with a guided tour of Big Red‘s evolution. But whatever you do, however big your right hand, don’t mess with Pinocchio.

This Ghostly Undertaking looks set to haunt the Summer, so why not peek at Danica Novgorodoff’s Cartoonist’s Diary to prepare yourself?

To finish, have some Toth.