Need To Know… 06.05.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

Sweet cream on an ice cream sammich! It’s been how long? THIS SHALL NOT STAND!

Apologies for the skip week last week, but this bumper edition should reassure you that you were, as they say, always on our minds…

By now you’ve doubtless heard the Amazon/Comixology news, but The Comics Reporter has collated everything you could possibly need to read about it, then written his own take. It’s worth a read. For those of you behind on news, you may be behind on reading newspapers too, so its just as well the Guardian put the star-laden comics from their Saturday supplement up on their site, isn’t it? In industry news, Marvel’s mid-list has something amiss, while DC may have forgotten what business they’re in, or at least, how to keep creators happy. Oh, and there were cons, too, which we won’t even pretend to be up to date with, but here’s CBR’s C2E2 coverage, and more appealingly, a rundown of the burgeoning Seattle underground scene.

There have been a couple of standouts in the world of comics coverage recently. Zainab Akhtar has been killing it over on Comics and Cola, with everything from Breakdown Press previews, through infuriating us with tantalising tastes of foreign-language comics we can’t read and hand-holding us into the world of manga, to curating your May in comics for you. Similarly, Multiversity are celebrating turning 5 in style, initially with their Lettering Week (complete with obligatory Nate Piekos interview); and latterly with a slew of industry figures talking ch-ch-ch-changes of the last half decade, AND still finding time for cool previews. They’re killing it, though nothing looks as nice this week as the Bartkira exhibit over at Floating World Comics. Wish we could have been there. Wish we could’ve made this Vanessa Davis/Ben Katchor/Anders Nilsen/Mimi Pond talk too, although this post-talk catch-up may be more in depth than the talk was.

Do you know your Spidey outfits? Do you really? Or are you a lying cosmic scoundrel? Did we lose you? Here, have a comic map. And a growing selection of the ultimate #protips.

Are you comics?

Hadn’t thought of this perspective on male and female superhero comics before, but it is compelling. Alternatively, you might like a more scientific perspective. And hey, who’d a thunk it? Anyway, maybe after reading about all this backward comics behaviour and thinking righteous thoughts, you’re left feeling a little sluggish, lethargic even. Could be your diet. You comics diet, that is, and Robot 6 has a plan for you! Alternatively, you could just be asking the wrong questions.

Poor crow. He looks like he needs some Decadence in his life. Or some Vanessa Davis. Hell, a little Basewood might do the trick!

And finally, just in case anyone was unclear