Need To Know… 12.05.14

by capelesst

only what you need

only what you need

It’s good to break your own rules every now and again. If you haven’t already seen this Constantine trailer, hopefully when you have, you’ll understand NTK breaking it’s “we’re about comics, not movies/TV/videogames” rule. Along the lines of moving pictures drawing attention to comics, the upcoming TMNT movie looks and sounds like a turkey, but a plus is it’s throwing light on TMNT history. For a more niche half-shell hero, check out Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew’s The Shadow Hero. Classic thrills and encoded themes all in one! And the most interesting thing about the recent Spider-Man movie? Deciding whether it’s a hit or a flop (though this article on Gwen Stacy’s death is eye-opening).

This is just one of those interesting confluences, as The Beat revisited the Kirkman/Bendis fracas from a few years ago, and Danny Djeljosevic talks setting up online in the NOW. Which nicely segues into a larger than usual “aren’t Study Group amazing?” link for this week, as they’re going Pro with a couple new hires, and going BIG with cool comics titled Land of Possibilities and The Age of Play. Both rock. But if they just aren’t paper-y enough for you, here’s proof that Matt Kindt feels you, brah.

Been to the library recently? Or did you make it to TCAF?

This conversation is still going. As it should be. Supplementary reading includes Kleefeld on -isms and historical context, and io9 on why we care what super-ladies wear.

If that was all a mite heavy, here’s a Bill Sienkewicz gallery. And some classic (instructional) Disney. Or some Romance, RoyalBoiler style or with a sci-fi inflection. And this guy, who’s just out there. Maybe not as out there as this guy, though.

Back in the room? Good! Then set course for a second helping of Treasure Island, check out a Fabulous Five from Koyama, a resurgent Oni Press preview, and the graphic novel re-issue that oughta go on your must-read list.

We may have opened with a rule break, but try as we might, we can’t go a week without a DC dig. Nor can Bill Finger’s family. Maybe some people at DC need to read these great books on comics, and get their facts straight? To be fair though, they have given us (via CBR) this sweet top 75 allies and enemies for Bats.

Try a Brazilian.

This is the interview of the week, some process, some history, some industry perspective, an interesting creator life, and a damn fine graphic novel to hang it all off. Seriously.

And when life gets you down, just remember, even Snoopy had worries.