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Month: June, 2014

Need To Know… 23.6.14

only what you need

only what you need

This might be the last NTK for a bit, or at least, it may change in nature. See, I’m leaving comics retail and going into something very different, so I don’t know that I’ll still be filtering the comics press. You can always follow my Tumblr though, I’m often found reblogging cool art. Anyway, ONWARD!

September Solicits are up for DC, Marvel, IDW, Image, and Dark Horse, so go do your duty, and when you come across the solicit for POP, you can refer to this interview for reasons to support anything Curt Pires does. Since that’s a link to Multiversity, might as well do all the Multiversity links as they had another crazy good week of content, so: continuing last week’s “if you like it, pay for it” thread, there’s also a retailer perspective, and a handy reminder for next time you’re tempted to dismiss a creator’s efforts that hey, its hard making comics. The only thing harder is marketing them. Oh, and one last thing, wave bye bye to affordable comics.

Now, tell the truth, do you like the rough stuff? Amazon do. Do you dig on the art of death (Game of Thrones style)?

There are truly comics for everyone, be they kids, lovers of the “hybrid quirky graphic novel”, or those seeking a UK small-press subscription with flair. If none of those work, you could always go to Gumroad, where Claude TC has comics for downloading NOW.

Maybe you’re just seeking inspiration? Sorted. Or for a more technological approach, try the John Martz method. Chris Samnee’s art will do something to you, while early Tradd Moore may be Hateful, but it’ll damn sure give you ideas. And a mashup’s always good for shaking things loose, especially when it’s Frank Miller and Shulkie getting mashed. And back in the old days, NTK used to link to more of these.

Quick history lesson, anybody? Consider the noble toothbrush.

It’s worth reminding you all that Box Brown is bigger than Andre the Giant. Just like Kirby was bigger than anatomical precision. And Wally Wood was bigger than all of them (its illegal to see this and not reblog it). Moebius, of course, was biggest.

Not precisely comics, but here’s some interesting insight on the plight of storyboarders, and proof that some galleries tick every stereotypical snooty box. Snootiness leads nicely into this discussion of canon (which all too often means the obvious names). Really, its enough to make you Cringe.

Breakdown Press are making moves… alternative manga moves, that is. Whatever your taste in manga, or comics, this manga creator three-way talk is pure heaven.

Aaaand finally… WTF?


Need To Know… 16.6.14

only what you need

only what you need

Before you do anything else, bookmark this for Wednesday. Or if you must spoil the surprise for yourself, then go here. And keep your peepers peeled for this.

Something else to look forward to: Diversity at DC! Seriously, DC are really trying, you guys (and gals). No, really. Meanwhile Marvel make progressive history (in small steps), and Jim Rugg shows everyone how its done. It’s all a far cry from this. Fun times. While we’re waxing nostalgic, do you know Russ Heath like you oughta? And remember that time when Herbie the Love Bug’s Nazi cousin had it out with Cap?

At the risk of sounding mean, you know its a slow week when people are discussing anything Chuck Dixon wrote, but they were, with greater clarity and depth than maybe the piece deserved, while the work in question even got the New Yorker‘s attention.

Paul Pope live-action short, anyone?

If you, like me, missed ELCAF, you can still shop like you were there, even the PEOW stuff from those crazy Swedes! It would be remiss to comment on ELCAF without giving props to NoBrow, too.

Paul Gravett sees a rich August crop a’comin’, though he may not be to everyone’s taste. More generally, here are some words on singles and creator-owned comics: if it is creator-owned and you like it, pay for it.

Comics, how do you read yours?

And this week’s Tumblr recommendation: Sam Hiti.

Need To Know Lite… 2.6.14

only what you need

only what you need

Hey everybody! This week’s NTK will be a little lighter than most, mainly because half the week was spent wondering if Marvel was pulling a DC. The mind boggles. That wasn’t the only weird piece of news, as Alan Moore, renowned grumpy magic man of comics, suddenly went all Zuckerberg, announcing Electricomics. It’s either a digital toolkit or an app. Or an anthology. Its something, you’ll figure it out. Maybe. Of more transparent use to you is this handy, free-to-download How To Draw guide from The CCS. Simples! There’s also this Humble Bundle with some great Top Shelf titles in it, but it is polluted with pictureless books too, fair warning.

Are you fit to enter the Houses of the Holy? More importantly, who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? Of utmost importance, Batman is a.. Time Lord?

Remember when Lenny Bruce had a cartoon (sorta)? Remember when comics used to have awkward attempts at pop culture relevance crammed into them in the form of ill-conceived, potentially offensive characters? *sigh* Still, we mustn’t fear the silly. It can’t hurt us.

And somebody put the kibosh on your favourite excuse for not reading ALL of Love and Rockets, “I just don’t have the right soundtrack”. Now you do.

Do you really have what it takes to be a Teenage Sidekick?